📌 Release notes (May 31, 2021)

While we at 3Commas have been working hard to improve the reliability of our system, it doesn't mean we have stopped adding new and exciting features for your benefit!

Take a look at some our latest platform updates:

🔷 Deal start conditions for bots are now more adaptive to your balance. You can now launch a bot from the presets section with any amount of money.

Learn how to use presets

🔷 Launched a new 3Commas Video Tutorial Contest! Find out how to participate here

🔷 Added the ability to close trades based on your timeframe

🔷 Fixed the Option bot bugs

🔷 Improved the visual component of the Marketplace and added a “Popular Bots” filter

🔷 Fixed some minor performance bugs

Check out these new features today!!

📌 Release notes (May 20, 2021)

We have the pleasure to present you the new and upgraded 3Commas app for iOS!

In this 2.4 version our team added some cool new features:

🔷 In-app subscription purchases;

🔷 ‘Category’ filter for the news;

🔷 Current DCA bot trade status (crypto widget);

🔷 Automatic 2FA code application, if you copied it from the authenticator app;

We updated:

🔷 Bot trades display;

🔷 Balance display on Dashboard;

🔷 Accounts screen and summary;

🔷 SmartTrade display;

🔷 SmartTrade status display (crypto widget)

We fixed:

🔷 Error in displaying previously deleted SmartTrade steps;

🔷 Error in displaying monthly and daily balance changes;

🔷 SmartTrade ‘exchange’ filter;

🔷 Coins being displayed in ETH wallets;

🔷 Balance error in cases where there are less than 3 coins;

📌 Release notes (April 05, 2021)

🔷 After registering and connecting your exchange, we have now created a simplified onboarding experience with immediate access to a set of trading tools, of which you can select the most suitable for your trading needs.

🔷 In the Marketplace, we have added visibility to the number of ready-to-copy/premade bots made by the signal owner. If you click on the link, you will be brought to the page with presets for the selected signal. Furthermore, a link has been added to the top of the marketplace page which will bring you to a full list of premade bots.

Click the link below to access a short detailed video review we have prepared about these new improvements!

📌 Release notes (March 23, 2021)

Meet the updated 3Commas charts!

We are constantly improving our trading tools and this time we are happy to introduce a new function for the trading charts. This improvement allows users to create and save images, settings, and indicators on the graph, and more precisely:

🔷 When the page is refreshed, everything you have drawn will be saved;
🔷 When you update a trading pair or exchange, settings that were not linked to the pair will be saved;
🔷 The graph you have drawn will not disappear when you log out and log back in;
🔷 Indicators and chosen candle types are saved for all exchanges and pairs.

Click the link below to access a short, yet detailed video review we have prepared about these improvements.

📌 Release notes (March 1, 2021)

🔷 Added USDT-M ETH and BTC futures contracts for @Binance, available for trading in the desktop version and 3Commas app as well as the 3Commas Terminal, Smart Trade, DCA, and GRID bots.

🔷 Improved WebSocket for @BitMEX, now the speed of the order placement and execution is comparable to that of Binance orders.

🔷 Fixed minor bugs.

📌 Release notes (February 10, 2021)

SmartTrade functionality updates are here!

We’ve now added the ability to edit your SmartTrade parameters prior to their execution, namely:

🔷 Number of coin units/size of the order;

🔷 Order Type (Limit, Market, Condition);

🔷 Order Price;

🔷 Trailing/Non-Trailing.

📌 Release notes (February 8, 2021)

What's new?

🔷 Binance pairs syncing speed is increased, some of the previously unavailable pairs are back;

🔷 Paper Trading account performance is improved, now trading with this account is even more realistic and close to the actual market situations;

🔷 Buttons for setting up DCA bots and Smart Trades are improved;

🔷 Minor bugs are fixed.

📌 Release notes (February 1, 2021)

What's new?

🔹 Extended the functionality of the SmartTrade section; added the ability to view the history of transactions without leaving the current page and made blocks with current orders and positions hidden.

🔹 We've enabled MetaMask! Now you can seamlessly pay for your subscription in crypto in just a couple of clicks. It works if the corresponding extension is installed in the browser and the payment is made in ETH.

🔹 Added the ability to connect and trade Binance COIN-M in SmartTrade, Terminal, and DCA bots.

📌 Minor release notice (December 7, 2020)

What's new?

🔹 Optimized 3Commas web version, reduced the number of loaders;

🔹 Updated 3Commas app for Android to version 1.9.8!

The interface displaying trades, deals and bots has been changed. Added the ability to display and select the source of cryptocurrency news right there in the application!

🔹 3Commas iOS users were not left out without updates!

The updated version 2.2 now offers the ability to customize personal widgets for your smartphone and a simplified terminal;

🔹 Added the option of an easy sign-up and authorization on 3Commas using Apple ID and Facebook;

🔹 Fixed some minor bugs.

📌 Minor release notice (November 23, 2020)

What's new?

🔹 Added the ability to switch a bot that was set up on the Paper Trading account to a real exchange with all the settings intact;

🔹 Now all accounts with invalid keys are displayed on the page “My Exchanges” with a notification and a button “Update Keys”;

🔹 Сhanged the modal window in SmartTrade when a trade is canceled — now we inform you that the trade will be canceled, orders that were not executed will be canceled, and the position may be liquidated if it was opened;

🔹 The DCA bot changed the modal window when canceling a transaction — now we write that the transaction will be canceled, not executed;

🔹 Now You can connect your Deribit account to 3Commas automatically, without entering API keys manually;

🔹 Fixed other minor bugs.

📌 Minor release notice (November 9, 2020)

What's new?

🔹Added GRID Bot for Coinbase;

🔹Meet the updated 3Commas app for Android;

🔹Button “Create new” has renamed to “Create Trade”;

🔹Small bugs fixed.

📌 Minor release notice (November 2, 2020)

What's new?

🔹 Added the ability to filter DCA bots by name or pair;

🔹 Fixed minor bugs

📌 Minor release notice (October 28, 2020)

What's new?

🔹Ability to enable Trailing Buy/Sell at market price in the SmartTrade terminal;

🔹Corrected SmartTrade History information;

🔹Fixed bugs in API log-in (in some instances it logged out if the email address was not confirmed).

📌 Release notes s_42_5 (October 20, 2020)

Dear users!

For our new update, a huge amount of work has gone into optimizing the 3Commas interface based on your feedback:

🔹We have created a uniform design style for all buttons, controls and fields, thereby strengthening consistency and unifying the interface that we’ve developed over the last few years
🔹We optimized light and dark themes, making them easier on the eye. The dark theme will never blind you with a bright button again!
🔹We have made the interface more compact so it can fit more information on screen, this will reduce the amount of scrolling in the Smart Trade terminal and on the new bot creation page.
🔹All icons were updated, with some new ones added. We believe you will like them and they will be more intuitive and quickly adopted by the community.
🔹Visual bugs were fixed and some elements that were distracting for traders have been removed.

📌 Release notes m_17 (September 15, 2020)

Dear users!

We are happy to present the updated functionality of the 3Commas Grid bot. 🎉

What's new:

🔹 In the updated version we added the ability to edit the settings of the bot. Now there is no need to delete the bot and create a completely new one.

In the process of editing you can change the upper and lower limit prices, number of Grids and volume per Grid, as well as the leverage ratio.

🔹 In addition, we added the ability to save the manual grid bot as AI bot and vice versa.

📌 Release notes s_48 (August 25, 2020)

We present our latest platform update with enhanced functionality based on the main user requests.🎉

What's new:

🔹 The Smart Trade section now has a block displaying all active positions and orders with an available option to filter by exchanges or trading pairs. Now, even with a large number of active trades, you will not miss anything, because all the important information is located in a convenient and accessible place. Previously you would have to click several times to manage open orders (and live Futures positions) or even needed to log-in to the exchange itself to find this information - no more!

🔹 We added a Smart Buy function! This means that now you can take control of orphaned Short positions on Futures trades (such as if you cancel a Grid Bot or a previous Smart Short trade) - this feature works exactly like the Smart Sell function but for Shorts, allowing you to set Take Profit targets and Stop Loss settings.

🔹 The Smart Trade terminal now also includes a set of quick actions for an immediate response in case the situation on the exchange changes, now you can:

- Quickly close positions on the market

- Convert positions to Smart Long and Smart Short

- Cancel orders in one click

🔹 Added the function of a limit Take Profit. It will be active no matter what. This means that in cases of a sharp rise in the price after the decline, you can close your position with profit without placing a limit order on the exchange.

🔹 The Trader Diary now has filters for exchanges and trading pairs.

🔹 Added the function of viewing all accounts in the filters for open positions/orders

🔹 Fixed errors in both English and Russian versions of the website

📌 Release notes s_45 (July 7, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Enhanced order processing engine

🔹 The maximum number of Take Profit orders has been increased from 4 to 8

🔹 Ability to convert the futures DCA bots to smart trade has been added

🔹 3Commas API has been updated for developers

🔹 The appearance of trades has been changed, a margin trading field has been added

🔹 Bug fixes and Futures Smart Trades are now shown in the iOS application

📌 Release notes s_44 (May 15, 2020)

Meet the updated 3Commas iOS app:

🔹 Switch between real and paper trading right in the app

🔹 Create new Gordon bots with just a few taps

🔹 Bug fixes

📌 Release notes s_43 (May 14, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Stop-loss timeout is now available for trading futures with Smart Trade. What is a Stop Loss Timeout? (https://help.3commas.io/en/articles/3108979-stop-loss-timeout)

🔹 We added a PNL (%ROE) status message to the “Profit/Loss” section on deal status displays in Smart Trade terminal (future trading): %ROE - profit and loss on this contract, and return on equity percentage

🔹 Information on funds locked on smart trades is now displayed when you hover over the blue balance on the Smart Trade terminal screen with a Futures exchange selected

🔹 The “Favorite exchanges” function has been added. Now selected exchanges are shown at the top of the exchanges list

📌 Release notes s_42 (April 23, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Email and Telegram Notifications are now supported for Futures Smart Trades

🔹 Linking Binance Margin accounts can now be performed at the “My Exchanges” page and linking the API created on Binance.com

🔹 Creating Futures Smart Trades has been simplified:

  • Available balance and funds used to create trades are now displayed with the selected leverage included

  • Position margin is now indicated, this shows the amount of funds required to open and maintain the margin on the position

  • Maximum Total (Position Size) now displays including leverage

📌 Release notes s_41 (February 17, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Margin exchanges now available in the Grid bot. Trade on Bitmeх, Bybit, Binance Futures with leverage.

🔹 Also, small bugs fixed, and data processing improved

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