3Commas Release Notes

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📌 Release notes (January 31, 2024)

🔷 New tab on the Dashboard is added - Beginner's Guide.

This section is a one-stop resource for all our educational videos and materials, focusing on bots and smart trading strategies.

📌 Release notes (January 25, 2024)

🔷 Bybit Futures USDT Hedge Mode is now added to SmartTrade and Signal bot!

This innovative feature is now available when you enable a Unified Trading Account (UTA).

📌 Release notes (January 16, 2024)

🔷 Meet our new Dashboard!

  • Explore new trading possibilities with our improved trading tools.

  • Made it easier for new users to choose an exchange that serves their geographic location

  • Introducing the new Profit block for our Grid bot.

  • Effortlessly understand your account with our new informative tooltips for account balance.

  • View your dashboard more easily with cleaner data presentation

📌 Release notes (January 8, 2024)

🔷 New "TradingView Strategies" are now available for Signal bot!

More info in this article:
Signal bot: TradingView strategies

📌 Release notes (December 18, 2023)

🔷 Updates for Signal bot:

  • Ability to edit the trading pairs list.

  • Expanded details of the signals. It now displays the Trigger Price, Current Price, Pair Name, and Volume for each signal.

📌 Release notes (December 11, 2023)

🔷 SmartTrade webhooks are now out of BETA and are available available to all our users!

📌 Release notes (December 5, 2023)

🔷 Grid bot is now available on Bybit USDT Perpetual!

Make sure to read these notes about Bybit Hedge mode:

📌 Release notes (November 28, 2023)

🔷 Introducing Signal Bot Beta by 3Commas!

Learn more about this tool in these articles:

📌 Release notes (November 21, 2023)

🔷 The 3Commas mobile app is now revamped and ready to elevate your trading experience!

Download your application here:

📌 Release notes (November 20, 2023)

🔷 Multipair DCA Bots are now ready to trade on Bybit Futures USDT Perpetual.

📌 Release notes (November 14, 2023)

Releasing Grid bots Backtesting on Futures markets.

🔷 You can now access the top-performing pairs list and filters for Grid Bot backtesting.

It's available for the following exchanges:

  • Binance Futures USDT-M

  • Binance Futures Сoin-M

  • Bybit Inverse Futures

  • Gate.io BTC perpetual

  • Gate.io USDT perpetual

📌 Release notes (November 7, 2023)

Introducing an upgrade to 3Commas' SmartTrade feature: TP and SL percentages!

🔷 We've redefined our SmartTrade feature, allowing users to input Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) values in terms of percentages. When you utilize 'Add Funds' for averaging, SmartTrade smartly recalibrates the TP and SL based on the average entry price using your chosen percentage. But there's more – webhooks presets are now fully operational. Set up a preset with market entry plus TP and SL percentages, and upon receiving a webhook, it'll trigger buy/sell actions, with TP/SL adjusting according to the entry price percentage.

📌 Release notes (November 2, 2023)

Introducing brand new Signal bot!

🔷 3Commas introduces the latest addition to our roadmap: the game-changing Signal Bot for crypto traders! With easy integration of market intelligence from TradingView and a user-friendly experience, trading has never been so straightforward and efficient. Dive into our latest blog post to see how you can take your trading to the next level and stay ahead in the fast-paced crypto world!

📌 Release notes (October 12, 2023)

🔷 Start a DCA Bot with only $40 in funding

If you only have as little as 40 dollars to fund the DCA bot with, you can now easily and without any hassle start the bot, and it will automatically adjust to you!

📌 Release notes (October 2, 2023)

Rip and run with higher-capability Grid Bots!

Ready to elevate your cryptocurrency trading game? 3Commas is thrilled to introduce enhanced features for our Grid Bot tool:

🔷 Enhanced Futures Trading Modes

🔷 Trailing Functionality on Futures

🔷 Simplified Trailing Options

🔷 Geometric Futures Grid Type

🔷 Improved Default Strategies

🔷 Hedging Capability

🔷 Safer Editing

🔷 Streamlined Configuration

📌 Release notes (September 26, 2023)

Build your defi mission control center with DeCommas!

🔷 As a project within the 3Commas ecosystem, it makes a lot of sense to look for synergies between 3Commas and DeCommas. We’re proud to announce that DeCommas API is now integrated into 3Commas Portfolio and Wallet features, servicing thousands of unique wallets monthly!

Check it out at https://build.decommas.io.

📌 Release notes (September 6, 2023)

🔷 Now you can easily fund your Binance and OKX exchanges accounts for your bots directly from the 3Commas interface using your credit or debit card thanks to our partnership with third-party payment provider, Mercuryo.

More details are in this article.

📌 Release notes (September 5, 2023)

Updates about payment methods.

🔷 Now, 3Commas users can use Google Pay or Apple Pay to easily purchase services and subscriptions. Read this article for more details.

📌 Release notes (August 30, 2023)

🔷 Yet another exchange is added to the list of supported exchanges!

Bitget is now available to connect to 3Commas!

📌 Release notes (August 23, 2023)

🔷 A new and long-awaited exchange is now supported on 3Commas!

Please welcome - Coinbase Advanced! Head to this article to learn how to connect Coinbase Advanced to 3Commas!

📌 Release notes (August 18, 2023)

🔷 Updates in our referral program!

Now you can share your DCA, GRID bots, and Smart Trades with friends outside the 3Commas community. When they join using your referral link, you automatically become their guide to trading success!

📌 Release notes (August 9, 2023)

🔷 Now you are able to sign up or log in using your Google account!

For more information, head to this article.

📌 Release notes (August 8, 2023)

🔷 DCA bots have new strategies:

  • Classic Trading;

  • Super Power;

  • Super Speed;

  • Price Improvement.

For more information, please head to this article.

📌 Release notes (July 4, 2023)

🔷 If you use 3Commas public API to trade on 3Commas, now you can whitelist one or more IP addresses. It has a similar benefit to IP whitelisting your API keys on an exchange. 3Commas won't recognize commands for your account given via API if they don't come from one of the IP addresses you've added to your approved whitelist.

More details in this article.

📌 Release notes (June 27, 2023)

🔷 New indicators were added in the DCA bot's Deal start conditions:

TA Presets have become fully adjustable separate indicators.

For more details, please head to the Technical Analysis deal start conditions article.

📌 Release notes (June 26, 2023)

🔷 More exchanges now have IP whitelist:

  • Kucoin

  • Binance US

  • Binance TR

  • Bitfinex

  • Bittrex

More information about IP whitelisting can be found in this article.

📌 Release notes (June 20, 2023)

Bybit Unified Trading Account (UTA) can now be connected to 3Commas!

🔷 If you have migrated to UTA type of account, you can now easily connect it to 3Commas! Learn how to do this in this article.

📌 Release notes (June 16, 2023)

3Commas Security upgrade!

🔷 In addition to our investment in DMARC email authentication protocol, we're now using BIMI.

BIMI = Brand Indicators for Message Identification.

This ensures you can easily distinguish between genuine emails from 3Commas and hackers pretending to be us.

Genuine emails from us will show both the 3Commas logo and the blue 'verified' tick next to the sender's name.

📌 Release notes (June 14, 2023)

Grid bots update!

🔷 Real-time data: Active bot profits, current funds and totals now auto-update.

🔷 Faster charts: Charts calculate & load more efficiently.

🔷 New filters: Better market screening options — like filtering by market cap.

🔷 More table settings: You can now add Average Daily Profit & Investment columns to your bot table.

📌 Release notes (April 27, 2023)

Massive GRID bot updates!

🔷 Better PnL monitoring

🔷 Better TradingView chart interaction

🔷 Advanced view options

🔷 Easier to manage multiple bots

📌 Release notes (April 17, 2023)

Another new update in connecting the exchange!

🔷 Gate.io Fast Connect is now live! You can now connect the Gate.io exchange even faster and more conveniently!

📌 Release notes (April 13, 2023)

🔷 Users can now top up their balance directly from the bot's creation page, whether it's DCA bot, GRID bot, or even Smart Trade creation page!

📌 Release notes (April 12, 2023)

New update in connecting the exchange!

🔷 Bybit Fast Connect is now live! You can now connect the Bybit exchange even faster and more conveniently!

📌 Release notes (April 6, 2023)

New DCA bot's feature is here:

🔷 MIN and MAX prices to open deals (in % from current price) are now available in the Advanced settings section for Multi-pair bots!

📌 Release notes (March 31, 2023)

New release of iOS app v3.5! It brings you:

🔷 OKX futures support for Smart Trades;

🔷 BTC & ETH lockscreen widgets for iOS;

🔷 Language support for German, French, Turkish;

🔷 Faster Smart Trades terminal charts.

📌 Release notes (March 7, 2023)

🔷 Added Tables of Tokens and Futures contracts separately on the Dashboard page!

Our latest dashboard update gives you next-level balance tracking across all your connected accounts.

You can:

  • see at a glance where your free funds are;

  • monitor available & locked-in orders;

  • track & group both tokens & futures contracts;

  • click directly from your 3Commas portfolio to initiate trades;

  • customize your dashboard using the new widget selector tool.

📌 Release notes (March 2, 2023)

🔷 Added the Trailing Down feature for GRID bots.

More detailed information is in this article.

📌 Release notes (February 20, 2023)

🔷 One-click GRID bot optimization is introduced in this release.

Rather than manually running backtests for different GRID bot settings, you can now click the ‘Pair’ field in your Grid bot, and you will see that there is a huge list of pairs sorted by 120-day backtest results. When you click a pair in this list, the optimized settings are automatically selected in the bot launcher interface.

📌 Release notes (February 16, 2023)

🔷 Refill your crypto trading account with your credit/debit card!

Now on Binance and OKX, it's possible to purchase crypto straight from the 3Commas UI!

More info is in this article.

📌 Release notes (February 13, 2023)

🔷 Asymmetric GRID bot's default settings are introduced.

Now you will see 5 SELL orders and 95 BUY orders and the Trailing Up feature turned on by default! According to the deep analysis, this makes GRID bots more profitable and secure.

📌 Release notes (February 10, 2023)

🔷 Trailing Stop Loss for DCA Bots is Here!

Now you don't have to monitor the charts and adjust the Stop Loss levels constantly - it will follow the price if it goes in the preferable direction!

📌 Release notes (February 6, 2023)

🔷IP whitelist was added to the Binance Fast Connect!

Now Fast Connect is even more secure!

And the biggest profit from it - there is no 90 days expiry limitation!

📌 Release notes (January 18, 2023)

🔷 Six exchanges update your account safety with IP whitelisting.

We’re collaborating with our exchange partners to bring updated security to your accounts. We’ve now whitelisted the 3Commas platform’s IP addresses with six exchanges and we’re working with the other ones to bring them on board. This means that API keys created using a whitelisted IP address can only be connected to 3Commas.

Here is the list of the six exchanges which have taken the step to improve your security:

  • Huobi

  • Coinbase

  • Gate.io

  • Bitstamp

📌 Release notes (December 8, 2022)

Trailing Stop Loss is added to the DCA bots!

🔷Trailing Stop Loss is added to the Stop Loss section and allows you to move the Stop Loss "following" the price of the coin. At the beginning of the deal, the bot will wait for where the price will go, if the price goes to profit, then the Stop Loss will also follow to profit. The higher the price of the coin goes from the initial one, the higher the Trailing Stop Loss will rise. When the price falls, Trailing Stop Loss will not move.

More detailed information you can find in this article - Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings.

📌 Release notes (December 6, 2022)

🔷 Please, welcome - GRID bot Optimizer!

An Optimizer for Grid Bot runs a series of backtests with different Step values to find the settings that are likely to generate the highest profitability.

🔷You can now choose the pair according to the Backtest results and other indicators. 3Commas backtests default GRID Bot settings for all pairs every day and builds them into a special list sorted by backtesting results.

You can filter top pairs with these market conditions:

  • Strong Buy (TradingView)

  • Strong Sell (TradingView)

  • RSI

📌 Release notes (November 30, 2022)

🔷 Binance Fast Connect.

Now it's possible to connect and update the Binance API connection with the Fast Connect feature! All detailed information about this feature you can find in this article.

📌 Release notes (October 24, 2022)

GRID bots are improved!

🔷 The “Required balances” widget in the launcher will now show available funds of both currencies of the selected pair in the quote currency equivalent.

🔷 Live Grid bots can now be renamed without stopping the bot.

🔷 Backtesting Grid Bot now includes all available Grid Bot settings.

🔷 Default settings in asymmetric grids should be safer if the market falls, resulting in better PNL ratios. Grid Bot will now build more effective grids, depending on funding. The more funding a Grid bot has, the more levels it will create.

📌 Release notes (October 21, 2022)

Couple of releases today!

🔷 OKX Futures exchange!

Now the account is available for connecting and trading in:

  • SmartTrade

  • Terminal

  • DCA Bot

  • Grid Bot

Futures accounts will be automatically created by those who have spot and the ability to trade futures.

It brings you the following:

  • Binance fast connect allows you to connect much faster than using API keys, saving you a lot of hassle!

  • Light mode - Change your color scheme to make it easier for you to read the important information.

  • New filters on the account screen.

  • Stop Loss to break even on Smart Trades.

  • Updated DCA Bot stats.

  • Ability to hide account balances on the summary screen.

  • Quick switch from Paper to a Real trading account.

📌 Release notes (October 13, 2022)

Another cool release for Grid bots!

🔷User stories

  • Grid launcher - ability to set a few key inputs in percentage from the current price.

🔷 Improvements

  • Grid statuses - show information about canceled/placed/filled orders progress and results;

  • Grid launcher - returned “amount per level” and “bot name” fields into bot settings.

📌 Release notes (October 12, 2022)

Added missing Deal start condition signals for OKX and OKX Futures exchanges!

🔷 OKX Spot:

  1. Trading View

  2. QFL

  3. RSI

  4. ULT-7-14-28

  5. BB%-20-1

  6. BB%-20-2

  7. TA Presets

🔷 OKX Futures:

  1. RSI

  2. ULT-7-14-28

  3. BB%-20-1

  4. BB%-20-2

  5. TA Presets

📌 Release notes (October 6, 2022)

Now all new Grid bots on Spot exchanges have enabled trailing mode by default!

Grid Bot user stories and improvements:

🔷 GRID Automatic Strategy - added Trailing UP by default to Automatic strategy on SPOT;

🔷 GRID API - added API improvement for trailing bot.

📌 Release notes (September 30, 2022)

New release of iOS app v3.3! It brings you:

🔷 Binance fast connect;

🔷 Stop Loss to break even on Smart Trades;

🔷Ability to choose Euro for dashboard stats;

🔷 Option to delete inactive bots.

📌 Release notes (September 28, 2022)

🔷 Changed the pattern of displaying exchanges in trading instruments
(Name | Exchange Type);

🔷 Added a banner notification about rotten API keys via Intercom;

🔷 Fixed bugs with connecting and editing exchanges;

🔷 Fixed bugs with creating a virtual portfolio;

🔷 Others small fixes.

📌 Release notes (September 05, 2022)

Now depositing funds to OKX has become even easier!

🔷You are able now to deposit crypto funds to your OKX wallet directly on 3Commas platform by clicking on Deposit button on the OKX card on the dashboard.

📌 Release notes (August 29, 2022)

New awesome feature has arrived!

🔷SmartTrades with webhooks!

Now you can create a SmartTrade preset and use its webhooks to set up the TradingView alert to trigger the trade!

Just like with TradingView custom signals for DCA bots, you can trigger the SmartTrade using your own strategy and/or your own indicators!

Let's put some more commas into your portfolio!

📌 Release notes (August 24, 2022)

A big update about Stop Loss orders!

🔷Now when you place a StopLoss on a SmartTrade, it will be placed right into the exchange's order book if this exchange accepts the order parameters.

We’ve got several more releases of Native StopLoss, but here is where you’ll be able to access it first:

  • Binance Futures USDT-M

  • Binance Futures COIN-M

  • Bitmex

  • Bybit Inverse Perpetual

  • Bybit USDT Perpetual

  • Gate.io USDT Perpetual

  • Gate.io BTC Perpetual

📌 Release notes (July 28, 2022)

New version of 3Commas mobile app was released:

  • Simplified the settings screen, split it into two: profile and preferences;

  • Summary in euro;

  • New quick action buttons on the screen of trades, bots, and deals;

  • Small updates in the UI, preparation for new features.

📌 Release notes (July 14, 2022)


🔷 Bybit USDT-perp. contracts are now available in DCA bots trading!!!

Let's add some commas to your portfolio with this amazing update!

📌 Release notes (July 13, 2022)

Updates in SmartTrades!

🔷 SmartTrade now has an import button that allows you to turn open positions on the exchange into active trades. So far, it's available only for futures exchanges. Later it will also be available for spot exchanges.

📌 Release notes (July 9, 2022)


🔷 iOS app v3.1.1 allows traders to edit, create and close the SmartTrades, bots, and their trades! Congratulations to all of us!🎉

📌 Release notes (July 5, 2022)

Improvements in our GRID bots!

🔷 Added switch input and option to set both Max Buy and Max Sell active orders separately in the GRID bot settings.

🔷 Prepared for supporting multiple fiat system currencies in GRID bots presets.

📌 Release notes (July 4, 2022)

Hey, traders! Great updates for our mobile apps!

🔷 Completely new screen for connecting exchanges and adding coins for tracking.
🔷 Updated Grid bots in the app:

  • Added display of the balance in each currency of the pair when setting up.

  • Increased the maximum number of grids to 200.

  • Added possibility to leave comments on grid bots.

  • Updated grid bot interface.

🔷 Completely new screen for connecting exchanges and adding coins for tracking.

📌 Release notes (June 29, 2022)

A little addition to our DCA bots' Deal start conditions!

🔷 The Sell and Strong Sell rules were added to the Long strategy, and also the Buy and Strong Buy rules were added to the Short strategy.

🔷 Now it is possible to combine Buy and Sell signals as the deal start conditions.

📌 Release notes (June 16, 2022)

Great updates in this release!

GRID bots:

🔷 Status of the GRID bot became more informative.

🔷 The GRID bot's logs are displayed after clicking on the bot's status.

🔷 GRID bots now can be copied.

🔷 ”Waiting” lines were added to the GRID bot chart and included to amount for bot usage calculation.


🔷 3Commas launches Fast Connect for Binance!

🔷 Users who connected Binance via Fast Connect no longer have keys to expire and don’t need to renew after 90 days!

📌 Release notes (June 15, 2022)

A new feature was added to the advanced DCA bot's settings!

🔷 Added the ability to auto-convert DCA bot to Smart Trade:

  • The automatic conversion will only apply to new trades made by the DCA bot, meaning existing trades will not be affected.

  • Please note: If the auto-convert function is enabled for the bot, the "max active deals" setting will be equal to 0.

📌 Release notes (June 6, 2022)

Small improvement in SmartTrades!

🔷 Changed the display of the error in SmartTrade, as users did not understand the cause of the error.

🔷 The tooltip is displayed on hover now, not on the click.

🔷 Small bugs fixes.

📌 Release notes (June 3, 2022)

A nice improvement of the Subscription history section on the Subscription page!

🔷 Information about the type of plan/duration was added.

🔷 Button to cancel recurrent subscription was replaced and a description was added.

🔷 Ability to change payment method and data was added.

🔷 Ability to extend subscription after canceling recurrence was added.

🔷 Active links to Signals pages from Marketplace were added.

🔷 Status of the recurrent payment was added (active/non-active).

📌 Release notes (June 1, 2022)

Great news and updates for iOS app users!

🔷 Added the ability to edit existing Smart Trades with Leverage, Take Profit steps, Trailing Buy/Sell.

🔷 New Swap terminal lets you easily swap currencies on your Paper Trading account.

🔷 Exclude account balances from the overall summary - this lets users connect wallets and test accounts to track performance without mixing the data with their main portfolio’s performance.

🔷 Faster in-app data loading

You can download the iOS app using this link.

📌 Release notes (May 30, 2022)

Hey, guys!

Today we have updates for 2 major sections on 3Commas!


🔷 The SmartTrade creation form now shows the estimated profit for TakeProfit, the loss for StopLoss, and the risk/reward ratio.

🔷 Added native TradingView charts for OKX.

🔷 Bugfixes.

GRID bots:

🔷 Added new page - Presets for Grid bots.

🔷 Added Reserved amounts for active Grid bots in iOS App.

🔷 No longer show Profit/Loss when bot is stopped to keep stats healthy.

🔷 After bot is created the settings will be kept.

🔷 Added clickable balances to Grid settings to help users monitor locked funds.

🔷 Restricted creation of bots with “dust” order sizes not allowed by the exchange.

🔷 Improved create/edit settings information to make it more clear for users.

📌 Release notes (May 25, 2022)

Hello, traders! Many fantastic upgrades were made during this release:

🔷 Added information on Available tokens in the Total column:

  • when hovering over the Total value of the token, tooltips with basic information were introduced (Total / Available / In orders).

🔷 Added new token icons!

🔷 Bitfinex exchange now have the ability to rebalance all assets in USDT and BTC.

🔷 Improved FTX (FTX.US) connection flow for users from USA and Canada:

  • When connecting FTX via FastConnect, the current user’s country is automatically determined.

  • If we determined that the user is from the USA or Canada, we show a pop_up with country confirmation.

  • If a user confirms that he is from USA or Canada, he is automatically transferred to the FTX.US connection.

That's it for now! Enjoy new features and some commas to your portfolio!

📌 Release notes (May 18, 2022)

We’ve upgraded SmartTrade!

Two new things you can do with SmartTrade that you couldn’t do before:

🔷 Added the ability to edit the price and volume of Add Funds steps in SmartTrade.

🔷 The user can set a limit Take Profit with a price higher (or lower) than the exchange allows.

🔷 Also minor bug fixes.

📌 Release notes (April 19, 2022)

Great news, traders!

3Commas’ new release has several new features you’re going to love. Here’s what you’ll find in our newest release:

🔷 Hedge mode trading available in Terminal!
🔷 Gridlines available for Grid Bots on Gemini and Kraken.

🔷 Active SmartTrade searches now include exchange account name.

🔷 Added exchange icon next to account name when listing active and historical Smart Trades.

🔷 Various minor bug fixes.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the new features!

📌 Release notes (April 15, 2022)

Big feature for big traders in the newest 3Commas release!

🔷 Our hardworking Dev team has added an “account search” function to the My Exchanges page. This was built to make it easier to manage large numbers of exchange accounts for our high-volume traders.

🔷 The 3Commas App Store is now available in the main features menu on the upper left of your screen when you log in. Find new tools to make trading easier!

🔷 This release also features a number of small bug fixes.

📌 Release notes (April 8, 2022)

Now, by popular request, 3Commas traders can now utilize Hedge Mode for DCA bots on Binace Futures exchange. This lets you trade Long and Short positions simultaneously on your Futures account!

Few other updates in the newest DCA Bot release:

🔷 You can now change the “Max number of active deals by bots” setting in your exchange account. For example, you can restrict it so that only 10 deals per account are allowed to work at any given time. This is a very useful feature when you have DCA bots running on a Futures account.

🔷 Improved the “insufficient funds” message to include better information about why users are receiving that message.

Bug fixes:

🔷 Resolved a bug causing delays on receiving signals from TradingView.

🔷 Fixed a bug that disallowed creation of “Composite” multi-pair bots on your real account if users had one running on their paper account.

🔷 Adjusted a bug in the logs where it was not always displaying the number of tokens in an account.

That’s it for this time.

📌 Release notes (April 5, 2022)

Our team is happy to present the list of recent 3Commas improvements! Here is what we added this time:

🔷 30 days of full unlimited access for all new users who just connected their Binance account to 3Commas! A great reason to start trading on Binance, isn’t it?

🔷 An option to hide a specific balance, available for all types of accounts. A useful feature when you still need to track private wallets or exchange accounts but you don't want those particular funds to affect the overall balance.

🔷 From now on when you sign up via Apple ID or Facebook, you’ll be able to opt-in to beta test new features if you choose.

🔷 Minor bug fixes

That's it for now. Share your opinion about this update and help us become a better service for you!

📌 Release notes (March 14, 2022)

Add Funds function is now available for any type of trade!

🔷 Add Funds is now available even if the trade entry point has not yet been executed
🔷 In SmartTrades, now we show the current trade volume and show the initial trade volume in additional information


📌 Release notes (March 10, 2022)

🎉 iOS app now has Face ID and charts in the SmartTrade terminal.

iOS Traders, we’ve launched a new update just for you and it’s got a few features you’ve been asking for!

Here’s what’s changing with iOS version 2.10:

🔷 Charts for pairs in the SmartTrade Terminal (Binance only)

🔷 Updated display of exchanges available for connection

🔷 Fix for DCA bots filter

🔷 Face ID and Touch ID are now enabled for unlocking the app

🔷 The news block always contains 3Commas blog articles

🔷 You can now view data for ETH wallet deposits (QR and address)

🔷 Added a button to quickly create a grid on the Dashboard

📌 Release notes (February 1, 2022)

Hey traders, we’ve got a new version of 3Commas releasing with some new features. Here’s the quick breakdown of what’s coming out this week:

DCA Bots:

🔷 View the history of QFL signals for users.

🔷 Fixed an issue where QFL wasn’t showing at the beginning of transactions for Coin-M futures trades.

🔷 Fixed an issue where filtering transactions by date wasn’t working correctly when the second date was selected rapidly.

Grid Bots:

🔷 Get your Grid bots humming on Gemini.

🔷 Added a new button to start Grid bots after creating a new one.

🔷 Added - On futures exchanges, currency for the upper and lower limits of funds used by the bot now displays in the input field.

🔷 Available balance now displays as Available Balance (base) and Available Balance (quote).

🔷 Fixed an issue where the Recent Transactions table would show no borders between the rows and incorrect page borders.

Enjoy the new features! Try out a new Grid bot on Gemini, one of the most secure U.S.-based exchanges.

📌 Release notes (January 25, 2022)

Hey traders, we’ve got a hot new update for you. With our newest release, we’re bringing you more of the things you’ve been asking for. Here’s our new features and why they’re valuable to you.

🔷 Bybit Spot exchange is now available for SmartTrade, Terminal, DCA bots, and Grid bots. Every exchange we add brings you more opportunities to create deals for your bots.

🔷 Form data now saved when switching to Smart Sell or Smart Buy. This lets you quickly restore trades and save time.

🔷 Average entry price now displayed on an individual chart of an active trade. This is a QoL visibility feature to help traders get a quick glimpse of what price they entered trades at.

🔷 Notes in SmartTrades can now be saved with a shortcut. This makes it more convenient and faster to create notes for yourself.

📌 Release notes (December 30, 2021)

Here’s what is new.

🔷 TA Presets: Many exchanges can now use the TA Presets that were previous only available for Binance DCA Bot "Deal Start Conditions".

🔷 Android: Connect Ethereum, Tron and Binance Smart Chain wallets in the App for tracking.

🔷 Android: Buy cryptocurrency in-app using a payment card though our service-partner, Wert.

🔷 Android: UI improvements for connecting exchange accounts.

🔧 Fixed bugs: Small Bug fixes as reported by users

📌 Release notes (December 15, 2021)

iOS app just got a lot of love from the 3Commas dev team!

Here’s what is new.

🔷 You can now buy crypto by card through service-partner Wert.

🔷 Added the ability to create a Grid Bot (so far only AI, no editing).

🔷 Now displays an error and its cause if an exchange account is blocked.

🔷 Updated login and registration screen.

🔷 Now you can change the sorting of lists of bots, deals, and trades (filter button).

🔷 Updated Gordon bot screen.

🔧 Fixed bugs: news on Dashboard updated more frequently and by pull-to-refresh, some users could not log in via Facebook.

That’s it for now. Update your app and enjoy the new features!

📌 Release notes (December 10, 2021)

Hey there Gate.io traders, the 3Commas product team is putting yet another money-making tool in your belts!

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

🔷 DCA bots: Create single-pair or multi-pair DCA bots on a Gate.io Spot account. You can utilize “TA Presets” for Deal Start Condition or use your own signals from the “TradingView Custom Signals” menu.

🔷 Grid bots: Create your Grid bot on the Gate.io Spot account and use “AI strategy” as the recommended Grid bot setting. Alternatively, you can use “Manual strategy” and set up your Grid bot according to your personal preferences.

If you’ve never used Gate.io before, now’s the perfect time to get started. They’ve got a ton of trading pairs and now you have the bots you need to start making your moves!

📌 Release notes (December 02, 2021)

Big upgrades to FTX and Kraken bots are here!

Newest release brings new tools to power your trading.

DCA Bots

🔷 We’ve summoned a wizard to guide users through the settings for their DCA bots step-by-step. The community asked 3Commas devs for more functionality than the Gordon bot without the sometimes intimidating number of options for Advanced subscribers. You’ve asked, and we’ve answered!

🔷 We’ve added multibot to FTX Futures. Life is now easier for traders because now they can create one multi-pair bot with as many FTX Futures pairs as they want, and it easily receives signals for each pair. No more need to create multiple single-pair bots.

🔷 Speaking of FTX Futures multi-pair bots, we’ve incorporated better risk management into them by allowing users to limit “max active deals” in a multi-pair bot.

🔷 We now support Kraken Spot with our DCA bots. Kraken users can now automate their trades with different signals on their DCA bots and then kick back and watch their profits grow.

🔷 We fixed an issue where the page would disappear when a trade was cancelled on the trades page.

Grid Bots

🔷 We now support Kraken Spot with our Grid bots. These bots are perfect for collecting profits from every price move.

🔷 We’ve changed it so you can now run Grid bots without any limitations on grid width settings. Please ensure your Grid Width settings are at least double your exchange's Limit Order (Maker) fee to avoid trading for a loss.

🔷 We fixed an issue where the Grid-bot page sometimes froze when you entered a large number of grid lines.


🔷 We fixed an issue where the preset requests didn’t take into account the number of requested preset filters.

🔷 We removed the redundant “OK” button from the modal window with preset filters.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the new features and add some commas to your portfolio!

📌 Release notes (November 30, 2021)

Our latest Android app update brings new tools to mobile:

🔷 Connect your ETH, Tron or BSC wallet in the app

🔷 Create and edit a portfolio for monitoring price movements

🔷 Interface improvements (connecting new accounts tab)

You can download the update by following this link to the Play store: https://3c.wiki/3AVyJ8j

Thanks for giving us feedback about the features you want! Our team is always looking for new opportunities to add tools that empower your success.

📌 Release notes (November 23, 2021)

Platform Updates

Our team at 3Commas is excited to bring even more improvements to our advanced trading tools platform. This update introduces many enhancements to the terminal, SmartTrade, and Grid Bots!

GRID bot

🔷 For Futures and Spot trading, You can now Adjust Upper and Lower Stop Loss indicators on the chart itself. This enables easier adjustments and simpler operation of the platform through a visual interface versus requiring a user to re-create a bot to achieve their preferred entries/exits.

🔷 For Futures, when your target stop-loss price is achieved, you can choose to stop the bot or stop the bot and close the position. Another great quality of life/safety feature for traders who want to stop their bots autonomously after a target is achieved.

🔷 For Spot trading, when your target stop-loss price is achieved, you can choose to stop the bot or stop the bot and buy the base currency. Another great quality of life/safety feature for traders who want to stop their bots autonomously after a target is achieved.

🔷 You can also set the upper and lower bound of your grid quantity on the chart itself.


🔷 Upgraded the search engine for pairs. If your coin is not available in your currently selected market, the search will show you other markets the coin is available in.

🔷 In SmartTrade History you can get a link to a specific SmartTrade to easily share or restore a previously canceled SmartTrade, with all of the settings you had, using the Share button to the far right.

🔷 In your SmartTrade order history -> SmartTrade settings -> Add Funds Section, you can also see the Available Amount and the amount With Leverage. This will help you to manage your Futures position.

📌 Release notes (November 10, 2021)

Our team at 3Commas is excited to bring even more improvements across our platform of advanced trading tools. This update introduces many enhancements to the terminal, SmartTrade, and Grid Bots!

🔹 We have introduced a switch in all modal windows in the terminal. This allows you to disable those windows in the future and make even faster and more convenient trades.

Just select “do not show anymore” and the modal windows will be disabled for future trades. If you want the modal window to appear again, navigate to 3Commas settings, “Hidden popups” and select Reset.

🔹 For SmartTrade and the “Add Funds” modal window, we have added the available volume taking into account leverage and the type of leverage being used. Therefore, the slider and percentage are now recalculated from the value taking into account leverage.

🔹 We made separate tabs for buy and sell in Terminal. Now working with the available volumes has become clearer. For example, now you can buy 100% of available quotes, or sell 100% of the available base.

GRID bot

🔹 Added Stop-Loss function

🔹 Added the ability to move the grid of orders on the chart beyond the edges

📌 Release notes (October 25, 2021)

Our team at 3Commas has made even more enhancements to the platform so that our users can continue to flourish. The following updates have been made:

🔷 DCA bots now support TA Signal presets for FTX, ByBit, BinanceUS, Coinbase, and Kraken;

🔷 Our website pages can now support French, Turkish, German, and Spanish;

🔷 Users can now see their subscription expiration date in the header of their profile

📌 Release notes (October 21, 2021)

Dear 3Commas users,

We have the pleasure to present to you the new and upgraded 3Commas app for iOS!

In version 2.7, our team added some cool new features:

🔹 Added support for Macs with M1 processors (can be installed directly from the Mac App Store);

🔹 Added the ability to deposit to @Binance accounts, now you can view the QR code/address to replenish your exchange account;

🔹 The application is optimized for iOS 15;

🔹 Manual creation of a portfolio with a list and number of coins.

📌 Release notes (October 20, 2021)

Dear traders,

We are constantly working to improve 3Commas so that our users can continue to thrive on our platform. In our most recent update, our team is proud to announce new features to our platform we think you will love.

These updates include:

🔷 Implemented linear USDT contracts for ByBit

🔷 Improved interaction with OKX by speeding up the delivery of changes in the status of balances and orders

🔷 Added the function to select averaging by TV signals in the Quote or Base coin for DCA bots

🔷 DCA and GRID bot support for KuCoin

📌 Release notes (October 14, 2021)

Dear Traders,

The 3Commas team continues to expand the functionality of our tools and bring improvements to the platform. This round of updates includes:

🔷 TA Signal presets for Binance Futures DCA Bots. You can learn how to use and configure these bots here;

🔷 SmartTrade can automatically turn your Stop Loss into Break Even. In the case there are more than two Take Profit positions in your SmartTrade, as soon as one of them gets executed, your Stop Loss will be moved to your average trade entry level price.

🔷 Now, it is quick and easy to find your GRID bot. Name, account, and trading pair filters are now available in the GRID bots tab.

​​🔷 We added the ability to close your position when your GRID bot stops running on your Futures account. Just click the switch in the pop-up window when the bot stops and your position will be closed by market price.

That’s it for now! You can find more information by following us on social media. Happy trading!

📌 Release notes (October 10, 2021)

Dear Traders,

The 3Commas team is continuing to expand the functionality of our tools and improve upon them. This time we worked on SmartTrade! Here’s what’s new:

🔷 Added a “Reduce Funds” button inside the actions menu for any particular SmartTrade;

🔷 In favorite pairs tab the button Show/Hide has been replaced with a switcher to show only BTC pairs or hide non-BTC pairs;

🔷 Text displays in SmartTrade notes have been fixed;

🔷 The issue with search among active trades has been fixed inside the table of open orders;

🔷 Other minor bugs have been fixed.

📌 Release notes (September 17, 2021)

Dear traders,

We are constantly working to improve 3Commas tools so that our user community can continue to thrive. In our most recent update, our team redesigned and increased the functionality of the Portfolio section

Some updates include:

🔷 Redesigned the Portfolio section

🔷 Expanded the informational component of the balancing status

🔷 Auto-closing the calendar window once date selection is complete

🔷 Minor bug fixes

📌 Release notes (September 15, 2021)

We have updated our iOS app!

Welcome the new 3Commas iOS app v2.6.1!

In this new version we’ve added some cool new features:

🔷 Support for Gemini exchange! Learn more about the exchange here

🔷 Bot stats are now displayed on the Dashboard, not in the Bots tab

🔷 Currency Rates display updated

🔷 A new line graph of balance changes in the Summary tab on the Dashboard and in your account overview

🔷 Updated the Bots tab, added the Grid bots display, stats for each DCA bot, and a separate list of Gordon bots

🔷 Minor bug fixes

📌 Release notes (September 07, 2021)

SmartTrade has been upgraded!

The 3Commas team is happy to introduce these new and important additions to the SmartTrade terminal. The new update allows you to:

🔷 Activate the Move Stop Loss to Breakeven feature. If this feature is enabled as soon as the first Take Profit is executed, the Stop Loss will be moved to your average trade entry level price. To activate this feature you need at least 2 Take Profit positions.
🔷 See the margin and margin type once you open the Smart Trade page or change a trading pair.

🔷 Switch to Limit Take Profit by clicking the Split Targets button.

Thank you to everyone who offered feedback that contributed to these updates. We hope you enjoy!

📌 Release notes (August 31, 2021)

3Commas is pleased to announce that we have officially integrated with Gemini, a leading cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins and boasting the highest grade security for cryptocurrency assets.

Gemini will support most major features such as SmartTrade, DCA bots (excluding Gordon), and our Trading Terminal. Other features such as account balancing and GRID bot support will follow soon.

3Commas is excited to provide the best Gemini trading bots via an advanced management interface to enhance your overall trading experience.

With 3Commas’ state-of-the-art trading bots you can create your own automated trading strategies based on signals within the 3Commas platform or from your favorite TradingView.com indicators, in addition to utilizing a range of advanced order types that are not offered directly on Gemini.

📌 Release notes (August 12, 2021)

Here is the updated 3Commas App for iOS!

In the most recent version 2.5, our team has added some really cool features:

🔷 a displayed warning if API keys are invalid

update API keys

🔷 delete an exchange account

🔷 sell all the coins from your account in BTC/USDT

🔷 select a currency to view the summary (BTC, USDT or EUR)

🔷 a button for password recovery

🔷 connect a Paper trading account immediately after signing up

📌 Release notes (May 31, 2021)

While we at 3Commas have been working hard to improve the reliability of our system, it doesn't mean we have stopped adding new and exciting features for your benefit!

Take a look at some our latest platform updates:

🔷 Deal start conditions for bots are now more adaptive to your balance. You can now launch a bot from the presets section with any amount of money.

🔷 Launched a new 3Commas Video Tutorial Contest! Find out how to participate here

🔷 Added the ability to close trades based on your timeframe

🔷 Fixed the Option bot bugs

🔷 Improved the visual component of the Marketplace and added a “Popular Bots” filter

🔷 Fixed some minor performance bugs

📌 Release notes (May 20, 2021)

We have the pleasure to present you the new and upgraded 3Commas app for iOS!

In this 2.4 version our team added some cool new features:

🔷 In-app subscription purchases;

🔷 ‘Category’ filter for the news;

🔷 Current DCA bot trade status (crypto widget);

🔷 Automatic 2FA code application, if you copied it from the authenticator app;

We updated:

🔷 Bot trades display;

🔷 Balance display on Dashboard;

🔷 Accounts screen and summary;

🔷 SmartTrade display;

🔷 SmartTrade status display (crypto widget)

We fixed:

🔷 Error in displaying previously deleted SmartTrade steps;

🔷 Error in displaying monthly and daily balance changes;

🔷 SmartTrade ‘exchange’ filter;

🔷 Coins being displayed in ETH wallets;

🔷 Balance error in cases where there are less than 3 coins;

📌 Release notes (April 05, 2021)

🔷 After registering and connecting your exchange, we have now created a simplified onboarding experience with immediate access to a set of trading tools, of which you can select the most suitable for your trading needs.

🔷 In the Marketplace, we have added visibility to the number of ready-to-copy/premade bots made by the signal owner. If you click on the link, you will be brought to the page with presets for the selected signal. Furthermore, a link has been added to the top of the marketplace page which will bring you to a full list of premade bots.

Click the link below to access a short detailed video review we have prepared about these new improvements!

📌 Release notes (March 23, 2021)

Meet the updated 3Commas charts!

We are constantly improving our trading tools and this time we are happy to introduce a new function for the trading charts. This improvement allows users to create and save images, settings, and indicators on the graph, and more precisely:

🔷 When the page is refreshed, everything you have drawn will be saved;
🔷 When you update a trading pair or exchange, settings that were not linked to the pair will be saved;
🔷 The graph you have drawn will not disappear when you log out and log back in;
🔷 Indicators and chosen candle types are saved for all exchanges and pairs.

Click the link below to access a short, yet detailed video review we have prepared about these improvements.

📌 Release notes (March 1, 2021)

🔷 Added USDT-M ETH and BTC futures contracts for @Binance, available for trading in the desktop version and 3Commas app as well as the 3Commas Terminal, Smart Trade, DCA, and GRID bots.

🔷 Improved WebSocket for @BitMEX, now the speed of the order placement and execution is comparable to that of Binance orders.

🔷 Fixed minor bugs.

📌 Release notes (February 10, 2021)

SmartTrade functionality updates are here!

We’ve now added the ability to edit your SmartTrade parameters prior to their execution, namely:

🔷 Number of coin units/size of the order;

🔷 Order Type (Limit, Market, Condition);

🔷 Order Price;

🔷 Trailing/Non-Trailing.

📌 Release notes (February 8, 2021)

What's new?

🔷 Binance pairs syncing speed is increased, some of the previously unavailable pairs are back;

🔷 Paper Trading account performance is improved, now trading with this account is even more realistic and close to the actual market situations;

🔷 Buttons for setting up DCA bots and Smart Trades are improved;

🔷 Minor bugs are fixed.

📌 Release notes (February 1, 2021)

What's new?

🔹 Extended the functionality of the SmartTrade section; added the ability to view the history of transactions without leaving the current page and made blocks with current orders and positions hidden.

🔹 We've enabled MetaMask! Now you can seamlessly pay for your subscription in crypto in just a couple of clicks. It works if the corresponding extension is installed in the browser and the payment is made in ETH.

🔹 Added the ability to connect and trade Binance COIN-M in SmartTrade, Terminal, and DCA bots.

📌 Minor release notice (December 7, 2020)

What's new?

🔹 Optimized 3Commas web version, reduced the number of loaders;

🔹 Updated 3Commas app for Android to version 1.9.8!

The interface displaying trades, deals and bots has been changed. Added the ability to display and select the source of cryptocurrency news right there in the application!

🔹 3Commas iOS users were not left out without updates!

The updated version 2.2 now offers the ability to customize personal widgets for your smartphone and a simplified terminal;

🔹 Added the option of an easy sign-up and authorization on 3Commas using Apple ID and Facebook;

🔹 Fixed some minor bugs.

📌 Minor release notice (November 23, 2020)

What's new?

🔹 Added the ability to switch a bot that was set up on the Paper Trading account to a real exchange with all the settings intact;

🔹 Now all accounts with invalid keys are displayed on the page “My Exchanges” with a notification and a button “Update Keys”;

🔹 Сhanged the modal window in SmartTrade when a trade is canceled — now we inform you that the trade will be canceled, orders that were not executed will be canceled, and the position may be liquidated if it was opened;

🔹 The DCA bot changed the modal window when canceling a transaction — now we write that the transaction will be canceled, not executed;

🔹 Now You can connect your Deribit account to 3Commas automatically, without entering API keys manually;

🔹 Fixed other minor bugs.

📌 Minor release notice (November 9, 2020)

What's new?

🔹Added GRID Bot for Coinbase;

🔹Meet the updated 3Commas app for Android;

🔹Button “Create new” has renamed to “Create Trade”;

🔹Small bugs fixed.

📌 Minor release notice (November 2, 2020)

What's new?

🔹 Added the ability to filter DCA bots by name or pair;

🔹 Fixed minor bugs

📌 Minor release notice (October 28, 2020)

What's new?

🔹Ability to enable Trailing Buy/Sell at market price in the SmartTrade terminal;

🔹Corrected SmartTrade History information;

🔹Fixed bugs in API log-in (in some instances it logged out if the email address was not confirmed).

📌 Release notes s_42_5 (October 20, 2020)

Dear users!

For our new update, a huge amount of work has gone into optimizing the 3Commas interface based on your feedback:

🔹We have created a uniform design style for all buttons, controls and fields, thereby strengthening consistency and unifying the interface that we’ve developed over the last few years
🔹We optimized light and dark themes, making them easier on the eye. The dark theme will never blind you with a bright button again!
🔹We have made the interface more compact so it can fit more information on screen, this will reduce the amount of scrolling in the Smart Trade terminal and on the new bot creation page.
🔹All icons were updated, with some new ones added. We believe you will like them and they will be more intuitive and quickly adopted by the community.
🔹Visual bugs were fixed and some elements that were distracting for traders have been removed.

📌 Release notes m_17 (September 15, 2020)

Dear users!

We are happy to present the updated functionality of the 3Commas Grid bot. 🎉

What's new:

🔹 In the updated version we added the ability to edit the settings of the bot. Now there is no need to delete the bot and create a completely new one.

In the process of editing you can change the upper and lower limit prices, number of Grids and volume per Grid, as well as the leverage ratio.

🔹 In addition, we added the ability to save the manual grid bot as AI bot and vice versa.

📌 Release notes s_48 (August 25, 2020)

We present our latest platform update with enhanced functionality based on the main user requests.🎉

What's new:

🔹 The Smart Trade section now has a block displaying all active positions and orders with an available option to filter by exchanges or trading pairs. Now, even with a large number of active trades, you will not miss anything, because all the important information is located in a convenient and accessible place. Previously you would have to click several times to manage open orders (and live Futures positions) or even needed to log-in to the exchange itself to find this information - no more!

🔹 We added a Smart Buy function! This means that now you can take control of orphaned Short positions on Futures trades (such as if you cancel a Grid Bot or a previous Smart Short trade) - this feature works exactly like the Smart Sell function but for Shorts, allowing you to set Take Profit targets and Stop Loss settings.

🔹 The Smart Trade terminal now also includes a set of quick actions for an immediate response in case the situation on the exchange changes, now you can:

- Quickly close positions on the market

- Convert positions to Smart Long and Smart Short

- Cancel orders in one click

🔹 Added the function of a limit Take Profit. It will be active no matter what. This means that in cases of a sharp rise in the price after the decline, you can close your position with profit without placing a limit order on the exchange.

🔹 The Trader Diary now has filters for exchanges and trading pairs.

🔹 Added the function of viewing all accounts in the filters for open positions/orders

🔹 Fixed errors in both English and Russian versions of the website

📌 Release notes s_45 (July 7, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Enhanced order processing engine

🔹 The maximum number of Take Profit orders has been increased from 4 to 8

🔹 Ability to convert the futures DCA bots to smart trade has been added

🔹 3Commas API has been updated for developers

🔹 The appearance of trades has been changed, a margin trading field has been added

🔹 Bug fixes and Futures Smart Trades are now shown in the iOS application

📌 Release notes s_44 (May 15, 2020)

Meet the updated 3Commas iOS app:

🔹 Switch between real and paper trading right in the app

🔹 Create new Gordon bots with just a few taps

🔹 Bug fixes

📌 Release notes s_43 (May 14, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Stop-loss timeout is now available for trading futures with Smart Trade. What is a Stop Loss Timeout? (https://help.3commas.io/en/articles/3108979-stop-loss-timeout)

🔹 We added a PNL (%ROE) status message to the “Profit/Loss” section on deal status displays in Smart Trade terminal (future trading): %ROE - profit and loss on this contract, and return on equity percentage

🔹 Information on funds locked on smart trades is now displayed when you hover over the blue balance on the Smart Trade terminal screen with a Futures exchange selected

🔹 The “Favorite exchanges” function has been added. Now selected exchanges are shown at the top of the exchanges list

📌 Release notes s_42 (April 23, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Email and Telegram Notifications are now supported for Futures Smart Trades

🔹 Linking Binance Margin accounts can now be performed at the “My Exchanges” page and linking the API created on Binance.com

🔹 Creating Futures Smart Trades has been simplified:

  • Available balance and funds used to create trades are now displayed with the selected leverage included

  • Position margin is now indicated, this shows the amount of funds required to open and maintain the margin on the position

  • Maximum Total (Position Size) now displays including leverage

📌 Release notes s_41 (February 17, 2020)

What's new:

🔹 Margin exchanges now available in the Grid bot. Trade on Bitmeх, Bybit, Binance Futures with leverage.

🔹 Also, small bugs fixed, and data processing improved

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