SmartTrades with webhooks

SmartTrades can be opened and closed by webhook signals!

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Amazing updates in the SmartTrade tool, traders!

Now in SmartTrade you can save the settings for creating a preset of this trade!

After the preset is saved, you can send a webhook signal (a kind of custom TradingView signal) to the preset to create a trade from this preset. You can also send a webhook to close a trade created from this preset by market price!

Note! The webhook signal only triggers the preset to open the trade and does not carry the settings information.

Let's see how you can do this!

1. Open SmartTrade page

Open the SmartTrade page, choose Exchange, Market, and Trading pair:

2. Configure all the necessary settings and click on Save Preset

❗Presets are available only for Smart Trade (Smart Long), Smart Sell, Smart Cover (Smart Short), and Smart Buy!

3. Name your preset, review the settings and click on the Save Preset button to confirm:

4. Open the Presets tab

Here you can find, review and edit the created presets:

5. Click on the double-square button to open a menu for webhooks

6. Click on Copy Webhook button

Here you can copy the webhook to create a trade with the preset or to close the trade at market price:

The webhook looks like this:

7. Create an alert on

Create an alert with the needed trigger condition, enable the Webhook URL and paste the copied webhook inside the box, then click on Create button:

⚠️It's possible to input 2 or more webhooks in the box!⚠️

For example, you have 2 webhooks:


In order to use both of them at the same time, you need to write the first webhook, put a comma ',' and add just a token from another webhook, making sure there is no space in between.

Example of combined webhook:,3d781f4246500be3c5a5a5424e80c8da24jkhg5b864a62ca342a14d0009ed54e66fe.

So firstly, you need to write:

and then add as many tokens, divided by a comma, as you need.

In this case, the first webhook, before the comma, will be triggered first, then the second, third, and so on.

8. Done, congratulations!🎉

Now, whenever the condition is met, the signal will either open a new trade using the preset or close the trade at market price!

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