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Is Signal bot available on the old subscription plan?

Yes, it is available, but you can run only 1 Signal bot on the Starter and Advanced plans and up to 10 Signal bots on the old Pro plan.

What is the difference between a Signal bot and a DCA bot with TradingView custom signal deal start condition?

  • In Signal bot, you can build up the position and reduce the position gradually, in DCA bots, you can only close the trade entirely.

  • Long and Short trades can be created in a single Signal bot, but you have to have 2 DCA bots to trade Long and Short.

  • Signal bot creates Smart Trades, which are more flexible in further adjustments (like Move to Breakeven, or multiple TP). DCA trades are less flexible.

  • In Signal bot, you can manually approve or decline the signal. In DCA bots, they are all automatically accepted.

How many pairs can I add to the Signal bot?

You can add from 1 up to 200 pairs in one Signal bot.

How many Signal bots can I run on the new plans?

You can run up to 2 Signal bots on the Beginner plan, up to 10 Signal bots on the new Pro plan, and up to 50 Signal bots on the Expert plan.

Is Signal bot available on the Demo account?

No, the Signal bot is not available on the Demo account because it is available only on the Futures market.

What exchanges are supported for the Signal bot?

You can trade with Signal bot on Binance USDT-M, OKX Futures, Bybit USDT Perp., and Bitget USDT-M Futures.

Is Signal bot available on the Free plan?

No, the Signal bot is only available on the paid subscription plans.

What TradingView subscription should I have to trade with the Signal bot?

You will need a paid TradingView subscription to be able to use webhooks in your trading strategy. Then, it will depend on your trading preferences. Learn more about TradingView plans here.

Where do I get signals/TradingView indicators to use with my bot?

You can use the indicators built into the TradingView platform, or you can create your own strategy using Pine Script and send the alerts from TradingView to 3Commas via webhook.

My signals are created on TradingView, but they are not received by the Signal bot. What can be the reason?

  • You may use the wrong webhook URL; make sure it's

  • Alert is sending signal to a different trading pair that is set in your Signal bot. Please also remember that different exchanges name their pairs differently. Also there is a difference between Spot and Futures trading pair.

  • The exchange on TradingView is different than it's set in the Signal bot.

  • Sometimes webhook alert arrives with some of the blank parameters. Please review your logs and try another indicator. Also make sure to use Indicators for Indicators type of Signal bot and strategies for the Strategies type of Signal bot.

What are the features on the roadmap/under development?

Right now you can use only TradingView indicators to trade with the Signal bot, but soon you will be able to trade using the strategy on TradingView. Also, the Reversal trading strategy will be added to the release.

How do I provide feedback or a feature request?

If you have any feedback or a suggestion, please feel free to leave your valuable feedback here: Submit a Feature Request. We are monitoring this feedback resource really closely and read every comment.

What webhook is used in the Signal bot? Is it not the same as for DCA bots?

The webhook for the Signal bot is as follows:

For DCA bots the webhook is different. Please find it in this article:

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