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Overcome FOMO and maximize your profit with SmartTrades!

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Before we start exploring SmartTrade, we encourage you to take a look at this video to see when it's better to use DCA bot or SmartTrade:

The SmartTrade page consists of 7 main parts:

1. Turn ON or OFF 4 major tools

  • TradingView: Enables charting in the TradingView interface.

  • Signals: Displays TradingView's Buy or Sell Signals for your Trading Pairs.

  • Trade terminal: Displays the trading terminal interface of SmartTrade.

  • Orders and positions: Displays your open orders and/or positions.

2. Select your Exchange, Market, and Trading Pair

Here you can add any trading pair to your favorites and choose them from the quick list.

3. TradingView signals

These are the signals from TradingView Crypto Screener.

  • The timeframe of the signals is 1D.

  • For Long trades (Smart Trade or Smart Long, Smart Buy) the signals are Buy/Strong Buy.

  • For Short trades ( Smart Sell, Smart Short, Smart Cover) the signals are Sell/Strong Sell.

  • Signals are available only for Binance and Binance Futures.

More detailed information about TradingView Crypto screener is here.

4. Chart and order book

3Commas has leveraged the TradingView interface for our charts. In this section, you can set up indicators, annotate the charts, view the order book, and several other features.

Also, here you can manually drag the starting order, Take Profit and Stop Loss orders to adjust the settings.

5. SmartTrade types and settings window

Here you can create 4 type of SmartTrades:

Here, you can also adjust the Take Profit and Stop Loss settings.

6. Open Orders, Open Positions and Account Assets widget

If you choose a Spot exchange in step 2, you will see only Opened orders and Account Assets for this specific exchange.

If you choose a Futures exchange account, you will see Opened orders, Opened positions and Account assets for this specific account.

Account assets will display the balance of the chosen exchange including all purchased assets in the trades.

7. Area to see Active trades, History and Presets

Here is an article about how to Manage active SmartTrades.

This is the article about how to Check closed trades on the History page.

And here is an article about Presets or SmartTrades with webhooks.

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