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Manage active SmartTrades

Open, cancel, close, add funds, edit, refresh, and share.

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Change your SmartTrades

  • Close and open immediately at the market rate.

  • Move targets higher or lower.

  • Add more funds.

Active trades have two buttons on the right:

  1. Update (refresh) this particular trade's status without refreshing the whole page.

  2. Open a menu with all available options:
    - for created trade (initial entry limit order is placed and not yet executed):

    - for already opened trade (initial entry order is already executed):

Alternative look for small screens

The following is for created trade:

  1. Update (refresh).

  2. Open now.

  3. Add Funds.

  4. Edit.

  5. Cancel.

The following is for already opened trade:

  1. Update (refresh).

  2. Add Funds.

  3. Reduce Funds.

  4. Close at Market Price.

  5. Edit.

  6. Cancel.

Let's start with just CREATED SmartTrade!

Add funds

You can use it in these situations:

  • Move the average entry price (thus the Take Profit price) closer to current levels to close the trade faster when the price goes in the opposite way.

  • Increase profits when the price goes in a favorable direction.

More detailed information about how to use this feature you can find in this article:
Add Funds in SmartTrade.

Open now

Start the trade immediately at the current market price. This feature is useful if:

  • You think that the price is likely to reverse before reaching the open condition.

  • You think the price is already attractive.

It's available only for trades waiting for the open order to execute.


Change the settings of the trade. More about available settings you can read in this article:
Plan when to buy & sell with one SmartTrade


Get a link to share the trade settings:


This allows you to CANCEL all orders of the trade that are created and placed on the exchange. No coins will be eventually bought or sold.

Here are the features that are available for OPENED SmartTrade!

Add Funds

The benefit from it is the same as described above.

More detailed information about how to use this feature you can find in this article:
Add Funds in SmartTrade.

Reduce Funds

This feature allows you to reduce the trading volume of the current SmartTrade.

Its main benefit is allowing traders to avoid bigger losses. It was designed to help traders reduce risks from futures trades that are in the "red" - they can reduce the size of the position to avoid liquidation while not having to close the whole position in case the price reverses in a favorable direction. The same way it works for Spot trading, but, of course, with no liquidation risks.

Close at Market Price

Close the trade immediately at the current market price:

  • Take profit when the price is likely to reverse.

  • Take loss when you expect the price to drop further. 

  • Get funds out of the trade when you need them.

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