How to create a referral (partner) link

Learn how to share your SmartTrades and Bots!

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Important addition!

Now you are able to share the link to your Smart Trade, DCA or Grid bot - it works the same way as a regular referral link, as it has your referral code inside!

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I. How to create referral link?

To create your own referral link, go to the Invite Friends page.

You will see all the actual information about your referral status like on the screenshot below:

Here is the list of information this section displays:

1 - how many people totally clicked on your link to open the 3Commas website;

2 - how many people signed up using your referral link or tracking code (7) and became your referrals;

3 - how many referrals actually bought a subscription according to Terms of Referral;

4 - how much of a referral bonus you will earn if the referral will not request a refund;

5 - how much of the referral bonus has been already accrued to your balance;

6 - your last referral link (if you created already 1 or more links);

7 - unique referral code, created by you, that people can use to become your referral (learn more about how to apply a referral code);

8 - short description of the referral link, i.e. where it is placed (website, ads, social networks, etc);

9 - how many people clicked on this specific link to open the 3Commas website;

10 - how many referrals are on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels (learn more about the multilevel referral system);

11 - button to create a new referral link! We need it now!

Click on the Create new link button:

Add Code and Description information and click Create:

If, for example, you intend to publish information about the service in various places and want to track where people came from, you can create several links.
To do this, enter any word/-s or symbols of your choice in the "Code" field and they will be displayed at the highlighted place in the link:

Enter any comments to indicate the specific purpose of this link in the "Description" field.

🚨Keep in mind - the code should be unique. Otherwise, you will receive an error:

Well done! You have created your own referral link!

Now you can copy the link and share it with others:


Using branded keywords "3commas", "3 Commas", "" for ads and bidding ads for them is strictly prohibited!

Another way to share your referral links

You are able to share your referral links also using 3Commas tools - SmartTrade, DCA bot and Grid bot. All you need to do is just to click on the Share button, copy the link and share it with others! All these links have your referral code inside. Thus, whenever somebody clicks on your link, opens the settings of SmartTrade, DCA or Grid bot, then tries to sign up to 3Commas, they will automatically apply your referral code.

Isn't it convenient?

Now let's find out where those links are!


Learn more.

While creating a SmartTrade or in the active SmartTrade, click on the Share button:

And copy the link:

DCA bots

Learn more.

In the list of the DCA bots on your DCA bots page click on the three dots menu and choose Share:

Or click on your DCA bot and click on Share:

Then copy the link:

Grid bots

Learn more.

In the list of Grid bots click on the three dots menu and choose Share:

Then copy the link:

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