When you can't use an exchange account and see API errors, the best solution is to update API keys. 

You must update it, don't connect as new. If you add a new account instead, you'll lose active trades and history.

These errors ask you to provide a new API:

  • Exchange account is banned.
  • API key is invalid
  • API keys are no longer valid or incorrect

Create new API on exchange

Here's how to create API on your exchange.

Edit the exchange account on 3Commas

Open My Exchanges, and find the account you want to update. Your accounts are below the connect new exchange and Information / Summary block, scroll the page down if required. Here's how connected exchange account looks: 

Click the edit button:

Put API Key and API Secret

Don't forget to update both. You also should update passphrase if the exchange requires.


Finish by pressing the save button.
Have any issues? Check possible ways to fix.

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