Smart Sell is a helpful instrument to recreate your Canceled or Failed SmartTrades or DCA Bots' trades!

If you have any "disappeared", Failed, or Canceled deals, it means you have purchased (or sold for Short trades) coins, but the trade is not tracking your PnL anymore. You can use Smart Sell instrument to recreate the lost trades (learn in this article how to create Smart Sell).

Now let's bring back the lost trades to life!

For SmartTrades, please head to the SmartTrade History page, find that deal, and hover the mouse over the Failed text to read the explanation of this behavior:

For DCA bot's, please head to the DCA bots' History page, find that deal, and click on the Error text to read the explanation of this behavior:

To recover such trades, you can recreate them in Smart Sell (if it was a Long deal) or Smart Buy (if it was a Short deal).

For the SmartTrade, open the trade's details by clicking on the Down arrow button and note your entry Price (Bought or Sold Price) to use it as a Were Bought For Price in your Smart Sell (or Were Sold For Price in your Smart Buy).

Also, note the Volume to put it into Units field:

For the DCA bot's trades, on the DCA bots' History page, find the required trade and click on the Pair Name to find the trade's average entry point.

By the way, speaking of Futures trades.

There is a fantastic opportunity to connect to 3Commas all lost positions without manually recreating them one by one!

You just need to click on this button:

This feature will import all the positions that you have on the selected Futures account that are not connected to the 3Commas!

It will not create duplicate trades but will create Smart Sell for Long positions and Smart Buy for Short positions!

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