Binance: how to connect and update the connection with Fast Connect

Connect and reconnect Binance to 3Commas: Binance Spot, Binance Cross Margin, Binance USDT-M Futures, Binance COIN-M Futures

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Important notes!

  1. Starting from May 24th, 2023, when you connect or update the API connection with Binance using Fast Connect, there will be added to 3Commas and/or updated all available for you Binance types of accounts:

    • Binance

    • Binance (Margin)

    • Binance Futures USD-M

    • Binance Futures COIN-M

    If some accounts were not connected, then there may be some restrictions on the country where the Binance user account is created or some other reasons. Users can delete some unneeded accounts and when there will be a need to add some new type of Binance account, then just update the API key using the Fast Connect method, and new types will be added again.

  2. To be able to connect your Binance account to 3Commas using Fast Connect, you need to accept the Binance's API Key Terms of Use:

    Otherwise, you will receive an error and you will not be able to connect an exchange via Fast Connect.

It is another step towards increasing the security and reliability of the connection!
While using Fast Connect, the IP whitelisting is automatically enabled!

This feature will create new API keys named 3Commas.

Now connecting and updating the connection has become very easy and convenient!

Fast Connect

1. Go to the My Portfolio page and click on the Connect a new account button

If this is your first exchange to be connected, please click on the Connect account button:

2. Click on Exchanges and choose Binance

3. Click on the Connect Binance button

4. Complete the log-in process, and you are done!

You can log into your Binance account beforehand; the system may request a confirmation from you:

After you click Continue, all 4 types (or those that available) will be connected:


  • You can connect only Binance's Main account with the Fast Connect feature. You can connect sub-accounts only using the usual API keys connection (available on the Expert plan).

  • If you see an error that looks like [20000039**], please read this article to see what can be that cause and how to resolve it:

  • To see the newly generated API keys, go to the API Management page on Binance and refresh your page.

Update with Fast Connect

1. Go to the API Management page on Binance

Delete old API keys created manually or by Fast Connect (this eliminates any possible errors while updating with Fast Connect).

2. Go to the My Portfolio page on 3Commas

Click on the Update API Key button on the needed exchange card.


3. Choose Fast Connect and click on the Reconnect button.

4. Proceed with the log-in procedure on Binance.

5. There, your exchange is updated!

That's it! These steps above will solve any problem that you could possibly face while updating or connecting using the Fast Connect feature!


  1. If you changed the email or Security setting (2FA, password, etc.) for your Binance account, this would also make your API connection invalid. In this case, you will have to wait 24 hours and reproduce the steps above!

  2. The Fast Connect method works only with Main accounts. If you want to connect or update the API connection of the sub-account, you can find the tutorial in this article.

  3. If you see an error that looks like [2000005939], please go read this article to see what can be that cause and how to resolve it - Possible Trading Errors and how to resolve them.

  4. If you see this error below, please start from the beginning of this section about Updating the connection:

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