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How to connect an exchange using Fast Connect and API keys
OKX: how to connect or update the connection (via Fast Connect or API keys)
OKX: how to connect or update the connection (via Fast Connect or API keys)

Connect OKX to 3Commas or update the connection, with Fast Connect or API keys, both Spot and Futures accounts.

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  1. If you want to connect the OKX Futures account to 3Commas, you must first activate it on the OKX website! Please head to the end of this article to learn how to enable Futures on OKX.

  2. If you don't yet have OKX account, you can take advantage of out new OKX Fast Registration feature. Just head to this page, create an OKX account and you will be redirected straight to the Fast Connection page.

I. Fast Connect.

1. Go to the My Portfolio page and click on Connect a new account

If this is your first exchange to be connected, please click on the Connect account button:

2. Click on Exchanges and choose OKX

3. Click on Connect OKX

If you already have an OKX account click on the Connect OKX.

If you still don't have an account, click on Create a new OKX account:

4. This will redirect you to the OKX log-in page

Here you can log in or create a new OKX account:

5. Complete the log-in or sign-up process and Approve the connection

6. OKX Spot and OKX Futures are connected to 3Commas

Can't you see the OKX Futures account on 3Commas? Or don't know how to enable Futures trading on OKX? Please read the tutorial below :)

II. Update with Fast Connect.

1. Go to the API Management page on OKX.

First of all, delete old API keys created manually or by Fast Connect (this eliminates any possible errors while updating with Fast Connect).

2. Go to the My Portfolio page on 3Commas.

Click on the Update API Key button on the needed exchange card.


3. Choose Fast Connect, and click on Reconnect.

4. Proceed with the log-in procedure on OKX.

5. Approve the API connection procedure

6. There, your exchange is updated!


1) If you changed the email or Security setting (2FA, password, etc.) for your OKX account, this would also make your API connection invalid. In this case, you will have to wait 24 hours and reproduce the steps above!

2) Do not whitelist IP pool.

That's it! These steps will solve any problem you may face while updating or connecting using the usual way or the Fast Connect feature!

III. Manual API keys creation

1. Follow to API management page

Hover over the profile icon on the top right corner, and click on API button:

You must enable 2FA to add API keys. If you see this message, please follow OKX's instructions:

2. Click "Create v5 API"

3. Choose "3Commas" from the App name list

4. Name your key

When you have multiple APIs, a proper name helps to manage it.

5. Enter the Passphrase

It's a password for the API key. Note it as you can't add API to 3Commas without it.

6. Check the "Trade" permission

7. Enter 2FA code/-s then click "Confirm"

8. Save your created API keys

9. DONE!

Now you have API keys to connect Spot and Futures OKX accounts to 3Commas!

Please follow the steps from the article below:
Connect an exchange using API keys.

That's it! Congratulations!

P.S. If you have any issues, please check possible ways to fix them.

IV. Enable Futures trading on OKX

Video about how to enable OKX Futures and create API keys:

Before we start with the API keys, let's activate Futures trading on OKX!
(if you don't need it, please skip down right to API keys creation tutorial)

1. Go to OKX

Log in or create a new account at

3. Update for trading

From the Contracts & margin trading page, click on the Upgrade for trading button:

If it's already Updated, then click on the Settings (⚙️) button on the top:

4. Choose the level of Futures trading according to your trading proficiency and experience

5. Confirm the selection

That's it! Now you can create API keys to connect OKX Spot and Futures accounts to 3Commas!

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