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Possible Trading Errors and how to resolve them
Possible Trading Errors and how to resolve them

Occasionally, you may see an error when connecting an exchange or executing an order, please read on to learn more & resolve your issue!

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Downtime and Major Outages

"Oh no! Something went wrong!

The Fix team is on the way! Ahh. The service is temporarily overloaded. Take a deep breath and try to reload the page in a few minutes."

"Something went wrong.

We haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of the error.

Please reach out to our Support Team and give us as much detail as you can about when the error occurred. We'll do everything we can to assist you in resolving the issue."

When you receive an error like this, before contacting Support, please check the 3Commas status page for live updates

If you don't see information about a related incident on the Status page, please try the following:

  • Check if your internet connection is working correctly (try and access 3Commas using your smartphone and 3G/4G/5G data network, for example)

  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies, as sometimes your device may store old versions of the 3Commas pages, which can cause these error messages.

If the steps above still don't help, please, contact Support and share any details and screenshots that will help us investigate, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Possible Trading Errors

Sometimes, when connecting the exchange or when executing an order, you receive an error message. Check the list below to resolve your issue quickly.

Insufficient Funds

You think you have enough funds to cover your deals, but sometimes funds may be locked on other trades. Learn more here.

"API key is invalid"

"The API keys does not have enough permissions"

"API keys are no longer valid or incorrect"

"Exchange account is banned. Check your account settings."

"Exchange account is not active. Check your account settings."

"Failed to create trade: Smart Trading is not available for this account"

These errors ask you to:

Update exchange API keys or API permissions. The same Exchange accounts can only be connected to a single 3Commas account. For example, if you have a Binance account, you can't connect it to your 3Commas account and link it to a friend's 3Commas account.

Correct issues with your API and 3Commas connection. Learn more here.

We have identified unusual activity in your account, necessitating a temporary pause on your new deals. Our dedication to maintaining the stability and security of our software, as well as safeguarding our users, is our utmost priority. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We suggest a careful evaluation of your trading strategies in response to this situation. For additional guidance or assistance, our support team remains at your service.

To control any potential impact on the quality of our service, we have implemented a technical update introducing an additional layer of client protection. Our subscription plans have been updated, and each has a different number of allowed tools. Full details can be found in this article:​ Available Subscriptions.

Remember - the number of allowed tools is combined across Real and Demo accounts.

If you see this warning displayed in your bot logs, then please assess your active bots and adjust the settings to ensure they stay within these thresholds. Please note this applies to Active bots only; you may create unlimited inactive bots.

Too many failed deals. Please review bot settings.

This error appears when the bot starts new deals over and over again but 80% of them are failed. If this error appears, that means your bot is stopped. Please review its settings and balances.

Error: Account does not exist. If you have created this key, please wait 30 seconds and try again

That's a tricky issue, and exchanges need to let us know the exact reasons. Here are things to check.

API Secret error: can't be blank or is too short (minimum is 5 characters)

Please check carefully how you copied the API secret. Try this: open a word processor or text editor program and copy and paste your Secret keys there.Sometimes malware can cause issues with copying and pasting values like your API Key or API Secret.

This way, you can verify what your computer or laptop is trying to paste into the boxes on the My Exchanges page.

Error no market data for this pair

Most likely, the pair is delisted from the exchange, you can try to edit the bot first, then delete the pair that is causing the issue (If it is a multi-pair bot) or change the pair (If it is a single-pair bot) then start the bot.

Error placing base order: should be added to IP Whitelist.

To add the IP whitelist addresses, please refer to this article:

We also recommend using the Fast Connect feature (if available) rather than manual API key creation, as this feature automatically applies the IP whitelist addresses.

On some exchanges like OKX and Bybit, due to our close partnership, 3Commas is listed as a "3rd Party" app within the API creation page - this allows "application layer security" so the IP whitelist is also automatically added, as these exchanges can recognize orders created from within 3Commas and protect the connection with enhanced security accordingly!

For other exchanges that can't yet offer these security measures, our product development team is in constant discussions with them to ensure we have fast and secure communications.

Error placing base order: Position on the exchange for this pair is already open or otherwise not available for starting a new deal

It means a deal is already open on the same Futures contract, and until that deal closes, no new deal or position can open.

Please check your open positions on the SmartTrades page using this article:​

If you trade manually on the exchange app or website or use several bot services with the same exchange account, this would certainly cause this issue.

"Error: Market is closed/offline"

"Error No current price for this pair"

"Trading Restricted (TradingRestricted)"

Please log in to your exchange and see if you are able to trade these coins using their interface (see if you can create a limit buy order far below the current chart price directly on the exchange - you may find you get a warning or error here). Maybe the exchange is down for maintenance, or the trading pair may be offline for maintenance.

Also, the coin pair can be delisted or blocked for trading in your country.

Trading is disabled on this account

Leveraged Tokens disabled on the Exchange. ERR_808Y

Some exchanges like Binance, Coinbase block certain cryptos from being traded if your state or country laws forbid them.

Exchanges can suffer huge penalties if they allow users to trade assets that are prohibited in their region. Learn more.

If trading Leveraged Tokens, such as the Binance UP/DOWN tokens, you may have to accept a user agreement on the exchange's website before the tokens can be enabled for trading on your exchange account.

Please check your exchange's support knowledgebase to find out the process to enable them for your account.

The final order size will be rounded to an integer number of contracts.

This is a warning, not an error. It means you can continue with starting your DCA bot. This warning means that the number of contracts cannot be divided and you can only trade the integer number of them. When specifying the order size in Quote currency, it may not match the whole number of contracts, thus, the system will round up the order size to purchase/sell the correct amount of contracts.

Error placing base order: Impossible to set specified leverage value for the chosen pair

It means you can't change the leverage if you already have an active deal, pending deal, or active bot (even without deals) for this contract or the whole account.

Also it can mean that the leverage is entered incorrectly (usually, higher than allowed on the exchange).
Please note that “not specified” means the last used or default leverage set on the exchange account will be used.

Error placing base order: Currently, you can only place reduce-only orders.

This is a result of the quantitative rules on Binance Futures. To learn more details about this error please visit the page: ​Futures Trading Quantitative Rules.

Error placing Take Profit trade: Units should be greater than 0.0001

You need to increase the Base or Safety order size. It is too close to the minimum order size which are enforced by the exchange's "Trading Rules".

Error placing take profit trade: Invalid reduce-only order. No opened position to reduce.

This error means that your position was already closed on the exchange, this could happen either because your trade was already closed due to an open position in opposite direction, or you were liquidated. The most frequent reason is the usage of Beast mode.

It can also mean your exchange requires KYC or for you to accept a user-agreement on their web-site. Log-in to your exchange account to see if you can place a manual trade on the same contract - you may find a message or prompt you have to agree to before Futures trading is enabled for your account.

Error placing Take Profit trade: Invalid order params: 'MIN_NOTIONAL'

Error occurred during request: Invalid order params: 'MIN_NOTIONAL'

Please try not to trade with the absolute minimum order size. Any price movement can drop your position below the exchange's minimum allowed lot size and the trade may fail.

MIN_NOTIONAL = You need to increase your trade base order and safety order size and hold some BNB to save on trading fees.

Try to use at least +10% of Minimum Order Size.

Bot disabled. Risk reduction violates order minTotal limit.

This error happens in DCA bots with Risk reduction tool enabled, when after the negatively closed trades the next trade's Base order size becomes less than it's allowed on the exchange. Please go to exchange's Help Center to learn the minimum sizes of the orders.

One step of the SmartTrade can't be cancelled, please reload the page and try again

You should cancel this SmartTrade and set up a new Smart Sell with the same bought price and volume.

The order price doesn't meet the exchange's limits.

Exchanges limit the maximum and minimum price deviation for Limit orders. Usually it is limited to no higher than 99% of the current chart price for the asset being traded (much lower for Futures contracts).

You can set your Take Profit step to use a Market Order (or enable Trailing Take Profit), which will not be sent to the exchange's order book beforehand, so the exchange cannot refuse the order!

Invalid order price.

The order price is not appropriate, but the system cannot recognize what is wrong with the value. Please try to enter another value.

Invalid order price format.

Most of the time, this error occurs if you enter too many digits after decimal point. Potentially can happen during the trading if an exchange changes its limitations.

The order price doesn't meet the exchange's limits.

The minimum or maximum price limitation is violated, please head to the exchange's Trading Rules to learn about its limitations.

The buy order price is above the exchange's maximum limitation.
The buy order price is above the exchange's %{price_limit} maximum limitation.

The buy order price is below the exchange's minimum limitation.
The buy order price is below the exchange's %{price_limit} minimum limitation.

The sell order price is above the exchange's maximum limitation.
The sell order price is above the exchange's %{price_limit} maximum limitation.

The sell order price is below the exchange's minimum limitation.
The sell order price is below the exchange's %{price_limit} minimum limitation.

These errors tell you that the minimum or maximum order price limitation is exceeded, and you need to change the order price. Sometimes, exchanges send specific limitation values so you can know how to adjust your order's price.

Trade does not meet minimum requirements


OKX: "Trading amount does not meet the min tradable amount"

Kraken: "Order size does not meet ordermin"

Exchanges limit the minimum trade volume, for example, 5 USDT on HTX (Huobi) or 10 USDT on Binance. Please log-in to your exchange's web-site and check their "Trading Rules" to see what your exchange's limits are!

Do not send more than 2 orders total per 200ms

Exchanges place restrictions on how fast you can send orders to your account. The limits can vary depending on your account size or Fee Tier level.

Too many new orders; current limit is 50 orders per 10 SECONDS

These errors mean too many orders or actions are being placed by you at the same time. Usually, you need to wait a few seconds before starting a new trade.

The value of the position and buy order has reached the position limit, and no further buying is allowed

Your order is bigger than the exchange allows. Please check the Minimum & Maximum order or position size on your exchange's web-site. Alternatively, decrease your order size. If you trade on Binance, you can view the "Trading Rules" here:

Price value is bigger than allowed maximum price

Exchanges can limit the maximum price deviation where you can place a limit order. If you see this error, you can either set the Conditional Limit or Market order on SmartTrades or for DCA bot enable a Trailing tool with minimum deviation so the order will be closed at market price.

Max active deals must be less than or equal to 1

This setting is for the Maximum Active Deals for your multi-pair DCA bot. Typically you may see this message if you only have one trading pair selected in the bot's settings but set Maximum Active Deals greater than 1.

If your intention is to have multiple deals for the same trading pair, then you will need to adjust one more setting at the bottom of the page, for Maximum Simultaneous Deals per Pair.

Position is not open anymore. Probably, the position has been liquidated

Please check directly on your exchange website. 3Commas cannot connect to this position via the API connection anymore, it may have been closed by yourself using the exchange's trading App or web-site, or the position was liquidated. It may even be due to an exchange issue preventing 3Commas communicating to your account.

Please also check your exchange account and the API key used to link it to 3Commas, then cancel any trades in 3Commas with this error and pick them up as smart trades. Head to this article to learn how to pick up the cancelled trades.

The current value is higher than or equal to the last price

This is a warning that current presets could close the deal immediately. Please pay attention.

The order amount is too large. the order will be filled by parts

The order will be filled by parts due to the current maximum order size restrictions of your exchange.

Max trading view state size exceeded and some settings will not be saved. Please remove newly added settings

Try the following things:

  • Clear your cache and cookies;

  • Try to use your Internet browser in Incognito mode;

  • Try another browser or another device;

  • Reduce the number of chart drawings and/or indicators.

Stop Loss should be below the last safety order

Stop Loss in DCA bots is calculated from the price the initial Base Order was executed at, not the current "Average" price of the deal. So, if you are confused about fine-tuning the Stop Loss percentage to the exact amount you have in mind, click the "Edit" button by the deal, and set the Stop Loss timeout to 600 seconds. You can then adjust the Stop Loss percentage to your exact requirement and once you are happy, "Edit" the deal and disable the Stop Loss timeout feature!

Signal was received but then its processing was interrupted

This error appears when all of the "Deal Start Conditions" configured in your bot are not met to begin a new trade, for example, did you configure a minimum or maximum price that an asset needed to have before your bot is allowed to begin a trade? Or maybe you had a value set for the "minimum 24 hour volume" and the signal for the new trade was for an asset that had a value below this amount?

Error: 1135 "Invalid Account Status" (Binance Futures)

If you have a SmartTrade, DCA Bot or Grid Bot that shows an error message similar to: "code"=>-1135, "msg"=>"Invalid account status."

The reason is because at 0000hrs UTC on 18th February, Binance Futures rolled out an update that affects all traders (not just 3Commas users) that use the minimum order sizes when placing orders on Futures contracts.

To avoid triggering this new Trading Rule, we'd recommend editing your bots and lowering the Max Active Deals (for Multi-pair bots) or disabling some of your Single-pair bots, so that you can edit and increase the Base Order and Safety Order sizes to be above 50 USDT.

Network error occurred. HTTP code: 500. Request will be retried

It happens when the exchange's API systems are overloaded. In this case, 3Commas will automatically try to place orders again. If that does not happen, then the deal should be cancelled and handled manually or converted into Smart Buy or Smart Sell.

Exchange-specific errors & restrictions

Many exchanges have their own specific restrictions. Check the list below to resolve your issue quickly.


Error placing safety trade: {"code"=>-4140, "msg"=>"Invalid symbol status for opening position."}

This error explains that the pair is most likely delisted. You need to go to the exchange itself and try to find the desired pair.

Rate limit exceeded. Market::BinanceFutures::BinanceCustomErrors (429)

This is a temporary error, related to the Rate limit. 3Commas will try to place the order anyway until it's eventually placed. It is specific only to the manually added API keys on Binance. You need to update the API connection via Fast Connect. Manually updating the keys will not solve the issue. 3Commas team works on removing this limitation.

[2000039**]: As per our Terms of Use and compliance with local regulations, you are required to fill an assessment before accessing this product. You will be directed to the page.

This is the message from Binance exchange, and it's necessary to contact Binance's support to find out the exact reason for this limitation. As an option to solve this problem - try to edit your API keys and disable Futures trading permission, and refresh the exchange on My Portfolio page.

Error. Your country was blacklisted by Binance. You need to contact

Futures trading is not allowed for your IP (or in your region).

As per our Terms of Use and in compliance with local regulations, we are not able to provide our services to you. Please proceed to withdraw your existing assets from Binance.

Binance has restricted trading for any users that haven't passed Identity Verification checks.

Additionally, users in certain countries have now been blocked from trading Derivative products, such as Options and Futures contracts.

Please log in to and check your account status and contact Binance Support if you need further assistance or have any questions.

Rate limit exceeded (429)

Binance Futures introduced a restriction some time ago (when Binance Futures crashed) to limit only 10 orders to be sent to the exchange in 1 second. All your deals should send not more than 10 orders to the exchange in 1 second. When you see this error, the 3Commas software will continue to retry the operation until Binance accepts it.

Error placing base order/safety trade: Exceeded the maximum/minimum allowable position at current leverage.

Please check this guide for the limits on Minimum and Maximum order size on Binance Futures. They also heavily limit the total size of a position you can create:

Please check the page above and edit your bot settings to ensure deals created by your bot (including Safety Orders) will be within the maximum and minimum position sizes for the contract being traded at your chosen leverage.

Base order size is too big

Please check the trading rules for your exchange here: Spot Accounts

Market is closed/offline

3Commas supports only Binance Cross Margin, but not Isolated.

If you received such an error it means that this pair is present in Isolated only.

Errors like:

[200003909]: "com.binance.compliance.error.ComplianceErrorCode.SG_BLACK_IP_ERROR"

The error comes from the exchange and may be related to recent Binance's restrictions for several countries about trading on Futures market. Please manually edit the API keys on exchange (disable Futures trading permission) and update the API connection on 3Commas.

Errors like this:

[200003975]: Please complete address verification first to use the service."

The error comes from the exchange and speaks for itself. You need to perform the actions from the error and/or contact Binance support to learn more about it.


Error placing Take Profit trade: EBM:limit exceeded:CAL

This error indicates that you reached the Canadian acquisition limits. More details are here: Canadian Dollar (CAD) net purchase limits for certain cryptocurrencies in Canada.

You can trade pairs with fiat as a Quote currency, like USD or CAD. This will increase the trading volume limit.

Unable to load available balance EAPI: Invalid nonce

To establish a correct connection when using a Kraken API, please check and update the “Nonce window” field within the Kraken exchange's web-site on the API page. Edit the API key you created for use with 3Commas and check that the "Nonce window" value to 2,000,000 (two million).

Rate Limit Exceeded KrakenClient::errorsMiddleware (200)

This is a temporary error, related to the Rate limit. 3Commas will try to place the order anyway until it’s eventually placed. Unfortunately, Kraken has imposed connection limits on API access (which 3Commas relies on to trade). 3Commas team works on removing this limitation.


"Error placing base order: Reached the balance limit, no further buying is allowed."

You will see the error when you exceed the number of contracts on chosen leverage.

More detailed information is here:

"sMsg"=>"You’re leading trades in buy/sell mode. When you place orders, they must be in the same direction as your existing positions and open orders"

This error comes directly from the exchange.

Please turn off Copy Trading on OKX. 3Commas does not support it. You can create a subaccount to separate your strategies.

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