Sometimes you think you have enough funds to cover your deals, but sometimes funds may be locked on other trades.

To find out if you have funds locked on other orders:

  • Go to the SmartTrade page

  • Choose the exchange and market that matches the funds you wish to check

  • Choose the "Buy/Sell" trade type

  • Look for the blue balance display and hover over it with your mouse

Here you can see a pop-up message showing if you have funds locked on other trade orders:

Or you can open the exchange information page (by clicking on the eye icon👁️‍🗨️) and hover the mouse over the coin that you want to check. There will be an information about Available and Locked amounts:

Any deal or Bot/Grid Bot that creates a Limit Order will lock funds, this stops essential funds from being accidentally over-allocated for other, new, trades.

DCA Bots

Error placing Take Profit trade or Stop-loss: Insufficient funds

This is where the bot is trying to sell the exact amount of coins that it bought to start the trade. But, you no longer have this amount of coins on your account and the price fell below the entry point.

This can happen when you (1) run out of BNB to pay the trading fees (and the fee is taken from the coins bought leaving the bot with less coins than it thought it had bought), or (2) you may have accidentally traded the coins for a different coin or created a GRID Bot with them, for example, or (3) converted dust into BNB and small order size was converted also (by Binance`s rules it is amounts less than 0.001 BTC).

You can buy more of the coins that the bot is missing via 3Commas Terminal, so the bot can close this trade or you can cancel the trade with the red cancel button and use the Smart Sell trade type to sell the coins you have left on your account.

Error placing Base/Safety order: Insufficient funds

This is where the bot is trying to place order to buy Base token, but you are lack of Quote currency. This could happen if another trades uses same Quote currency and if Base token price rises, so you need more Quote currency to purchase same amount of Base token.

The Bot operation will be restored automatically: during the next attempt to place an order, the bot uses free funds.

That is, you do not need to take any additional action.

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