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3Commas has experienced massive growth since it originally started a few years ago, as such, we now have more IP Addresses allocated to our infrastructure than any exchange supports, and therefore the IP "whitelist" is not available for all exchanges for now.

But for some of the exchanges below, the 3Commas Whitelisting feature is already available. Some exchanges allow you to activate Whitelisting for existing API keys; for some exchanges, you will need to create new API keys with the Whitelisting function and update your connection to 3Commas.

Please check it directly in your exchange account.


IP whitelisting is automatically enabled while connecting the exchange with the Fast Connect feature (this type of connection is unavailable for sub-accounts).

*classic connection with API keys and IP whitelist is available only for Binance sub-accounts and Pro subscribers.


Choose "3Commas" from the App Name list on your exchange account;


Choose "3Commas" from the App Name list on your exchange account;


Enable Bind IP and input these IP addresses at once, separated by the comma:,,,,


Enter the IP addresses whitelist on your exchange account. They should be entered as below, separated with commas and no spaces:,,,,


Enter these IP addresses one by one on your exchange account, clicking on the "➕" button:


Enable Advanced settings and enter the IP whitelist addresses

Enter these 5 IP addresses one by one by clicking on the Add button:


Enter the IP Whitelist addresses:


Enable the option for IP whitelisting on your exchange account and click the "Add an IP address or range" button. Copy this IP range into the Kraken page:


Creating the API keys with Trading permissions is no more available on Coinbase Pro.

But if your current API keys are active, you need to create new API keys, add IP addresses from whitelist and update your current API connection on 3Commas:,,,,,,,,,

Coinbase Advanced trading accounts will be supported shortly, stay tuned!

In conclusion.

We strongly recommend you disable the "Withdrawal" permission on any API key you create to use with 3Commas and secure your exchange and 3Commas accounts using 2FA.

These aren’t the only security updates we’ve been working on.

Read this article to get more details on the steps we’ve taken and are in the process of taking to improve your trading experience and update your account security.

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