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How to connect an exchange using Fast Connect and API keys how to connect or update the connection (via Fast Connect or API keys) how to connect or update the connection (via Fast Connect or API keys)

Connect your account to 3Commas with Fast Connect or regular API keys.

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Before we start...

If you use a Portfolio Margin account, please read this information carefully!

When creating API keys, there is a choice of account - Classic or Portfolio Margin Account. If you choose a Portfolio Margin account, you may receive an error such as:
Portfolio_margin_account can only set the account CROSS_MARGIN.

The workaround for trading on a Spot account is to use a Classic Account instead of a Portfolio Margin Account.

More details about the Portfolio Margin Account you can find here.

I. Fast Connect.

1. Log into 3Commas and accounts.

2. On 3Commas, go to the My Portfolio page and click on the Connect a new account button.

If this is your first exchange to be connected, please click on the Connect account button:

3. Click on Exchanges and choose

4. Open the Fast Connect tab and click on the Connect button

5. Approve the connection

You need to be logged in to Submit the connection:

6. You are done!

All 3 types of accounts are connected:


  • You need to pass at least KYC1 to be able to connect an exchange via Fast Connect.

  • Make sure you have funds in your Futures account, otherwise, only the Spot account will be connected.

  • If you already connected the exchange to 3Commas, you will receive an error, telling you to delete the old API keys and reconnect the exchange with Fast Connect.

II. Update with Fast Connect.

1. Go to the My Portfolio page and find the exchange that needs to be updates.

2. Click on the Update API Key button:

3. Click on the Reconnect button:

4. Log into account or approve the connection:

5. Now your connection is updated:

III. Manual API keys creation.

1. Go to

Log in or create a new account at

Hover over the profile icon on the top right corner and go to the API Management page:

3. Click on the Create API Key button

4. Name your API keys

When you have multiple APIs, a proper name helps to manage it.

5. Add IP whitelist

Enable Bind IP and input these IP addresses at once, separated by a comma.

To find updated IP addresses, go to the connecting exchange page and take the IP addresses from there:

Copy and paste them into the IP Permissions field:

6. Choose API v4 Key and a Classic Account type

7. Select Permissions

Please select the following permissions:

  • [Spot/Margin Trade] -> [Read And Write] - it allows trading Spot and Margin on 3Commas.

  • [Perpetual Contract] -> [Read And Write] - this will allow trading Futures.
    If you have an existing API Key without this enabled and you want to trade Futures, you must edit this API key or create a new key with the feature enabled before you can trade futures. Your Contract Account must have USDT to trade USDT-Perpetual Futures or BTC to trade BTC-Perpetual futures.

  • [Wallet] -> [Read And Write] - this is necessary to display the balances correctly.

And click on the Submit button.

8. Carefully read the Risk Reminder, tick both paragraphs, and click I Accept

9. Enter Fund Password, choose 2FA Authentication method and enter its code

10. Now, you have created API keys for your exchange!

11. Copy and Paste the API Key and Secret to 3Commas

Follow this guide to complete linking the exchange:


If you intend to trade Futures with, please ensure you have a little BTC and/or USDT transferred to the respective BTC Perpetual and USDT Perpetual wallets before you link to 3Commas, or you may see this error message:

Before adding the API key to 3Commas, you will need to Transfer some BTC and USDT to your Perpetual Futures Account, and only then will allow you to add Perpetual accounts to 3Commas as well.

If BTC and/or USDT are added to your Futures Account, then not only " Spot", but also those choices will be active for adding to 3Commas as well:

  • Futures BTC Perpetual

  • Futures USDT Perpetual

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