Coinbase Advanced: how to create API keys

Learn how to create Coinbase Advanced API keys and connect the account to 3Commas

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Important updates!

  • Now, Coinbase Advanced users have an opportunity to trade with USDC trading pairs! This is an important update for US residents and beyond, as the USDC pair on Coinbase Advanced is now supported in many countries.

  • All API keys created before March 2024 will permanently remain active and valid until you manually delete them. You don't need to update your current connection.

2. Go to the API management page.

Click on the link below:

3. Click on Create API key

4. Choose Trading key and click Next

5. Create a name for API keys and choose Portfolio

The name must only start with a letter.

6. Enable permissions

View and Trade permissions will be enough; don't enable Transfer permission.

7. Enter the IP Whitelist addresses

To find updated IP addresses, go to the connecting Coinbase Advanced exchange page and take the IP addresses from there:

Paste them into the Allow IP Addresses field divided by commas, and click Create & Download:

8. Complete 2-factor authentication

9. Save your API Keys

10. Connect the Coinbase Advanced account to 3Commas

That's it! Congratulations!

Now, use these API keys to connect your Coinbase Advanced account to 3Commas!
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If you have any kind of problem creating API keys on Coinbase, you can use the help of the Coinbase support team to gain the most detailed information about your problem.

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