Make sure you create your API key on your exchange before following these steps. Please use our help center or your exchange's help center for instructions.

Whenever you want to connect an exchange account, click the My Exchanges tab:

Connecting the exchange API.

Select the exchange you want to connect

3Commas supports many different exchanges, but not all features are supported for every exchange. Check available exchanges.
If you don't see the exchange name from the drop-down box, we don't currently support it, but please request it using the "Suggest an exchange you’d like to use" button.

Choose a name

Make it clear so you can recognize the exchange account.
As you can link many exchanges to 3Commas, it can be easy to get confused which account you want to create a trade for, a good name will make it easier for you!
3Commas uses this name everywhere; on the trading terminal, bots, statistics, and history.

Enter the API Key and API Secret

It is easiest to have 2 browser windows open, so you can copy and paste the API Key and Secret. Please don't link the same API more than once as this will confuse you when you are trading, it will also show you have more funds available than is actually the case! Here's how to create an API on your exchange.

Passphrase (optional, depending on the exchange)

Don't see it on the form? Then your exchange doesn't require it, so you can skip this section.

You create the passphrase whenever you make a new API. It's not your login password nor trading password. It's unique for every API key.
Check articles to find more.

Customer ID (optional, depending on the exchange)

Don't see it? Skip this too.

It refers to your account on the exchange.
Check articles to find more.


Once all the boxes are filled in, then click the "Connect an exchange" button.
You'll see the exchange statistic page when it connects. 

If you see an error stating "Please wait 30 seconds and try again" - this is usually because some exchanges take a few minutes to activate the API key - don't worry, just leave this screen open for now and then click the "Connect an exchange" button again later. You can open another browser window and continue surfing while you wait.

Have any issues? Check possible ways to fix.

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