2FA is the best way to secure your funds

With enabled 2FA, you should enter security codes on every login and every high-risk action like funds withdrawal. It's impossible to hack unless someone steals your auth device or secret key. 

Install an auth app

You should install the auth app to your device:

  • Google Authenticator is the default app to use. It has no online backup, so you should store all secret codes somewhere safe. Otherwise, you lose all 2FA access if something happens with your device.

  • Authy is our favorite because it has online backups linked to your phone number. You can restore everything in one click.

  • Any other google auth compatible app you like.

We recommend to use your mobile device, but you can also find apps for PC. 

Open 3Commas account settings

Click on the email, then select "Settings."

Click "Enable" under 2FA

Open the auth app

Add a new account:

  1. Scan the QR code using the app.

  2. Enter the secret key manually into the app.

Enter the 6-digit code shown by the app

Your account is secure now

You should log in to the account again.

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