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3Commas is one of the most highly regarded services among cryptocurrency traders.

By means of a smart trading terminal and automated bots, crypto traders can increase their profits while minimizing their risks, thanks to the platform's capabilities.

Originally 3Commas was created as a tool only for personal use, but gradually the platform evolved to gain new functionality. Now more than 100 thousand traders have the opportunity to trade on one of the 16 exchanges using our advanced trading terminal, the effectiveness of which is appreciated both by beginners and crypto whales. 3Commas was founded in 2017 and became an official partner of Binance by October 2019. To achieve so much in such a short period, the future is very bright indeed!

The main advantages of 3Commas:

  • Portfolio tracking

Regardless of the type of subscription, portfolio asset tracking is available to all users. On 3Commas, a user can either link an existing portfolio from an exchange or create a new one by adding the necessary assets or external wallets. Thanks to a convenient and intuitive interface, you can monitor your own portfolio as well as analyze portfolios with their profit published by other traders.

  • Our integrated trading terminal, known as “SmartTrade”

By using a SmartTrade terminal, a trader can manage several trades across multiple exchange accounts at once, and in addition to that, a trader can place types of orders that may not be available on these exchanges. Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, and Move to Breakeven will help traders to secure their trade and save it from unexpected market drawdowns, and features like Take Profit, multiple Take Profit Targets, and Trailing Take Profit will help traders gain even bigger profits than expected. The SmartTrade terminal is available in both Spot and Futures markets.

  • GRID bot

This bot uses the strategy by which it is named, the essence of which is to buy and then sell an asset at pre-set levels. The trader simply needs to set the range with minimum and maximum prices of the asset, the number of price levels, and order size. The bot will do the rest - it will buy when the price of the asset falls and sell when it rises, perfect for trading when an asset is in a period of consolidation! With Backtesting, Optimization, Trailing Up and Trailing Down features, trading automation has hopped onto another level!

  • DCA bots

These bots allow you to invest gradually, at levels you preset by “Dollar Cost Averaging” your entry price, which also builds your position size larger and minimizes having to use Stop Loss to end a trade prematurely. As an example, let's say you bought Bitcoin in 2017 for $20,000 - this is the “all-time high” price for Bitcoin so far. And if you really bought it then you would have to wait for its price to return to the same high level and go even higher for you to sell it with profit.

Using the DCA strategy, you would not find yourself in a similar problematic situation because the essence of the strategy would be to buy additional Bitcoin in equal amounts at different, lower price levels using the DCA Bot’s Safety Order feature. For example, you could place 4 orders for prices: 5, 10, 15 and 20 thousand dollars, and you could have already made profit when the price rose above $10,500. It should be noted that the DCA bot also allows you to use this strategy on smaller time frames, to trade smaller moves in asset prices successfully.

There is also a simplified version available for traders known as “QFL” (short for “Quick Fingers Luc”).

Plus, there is an excellent “Marketplace” on 3Commas where you can research and purchase trading signals to suit your trading requirements. You can easily find signals for both Long and Short positions, and for Spot, Futures or Margin trading!

  • Informative blog

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional in your field, you will find some interesting and educational articles on our blog. Every Friday we publish an article with detailed cases which can show you how 3Commas works, ideas for creating trades and will teach you how to apply this knowledge in real situations for the unpredictable cryptocurrency market!

In our school, you can take a course and grow from a beginner to an advanced trader and learn about all the characteristics and tips and tricks of the market. We will not only explain the fundamentals of trading, like the difference between a limit and a market order, but also we will tell you about popular trading strategies that allow you to make money on both rising and falling markets. Including many more useful things that are essential for any trader to learn. Most importantly, we will teach you how to effectively use this new information with the 3Commas platform.

  • Demo account (Paper Trading)

We understand that getting to know the platform can be difficult and that practice is essential. To prevent users from risking their actual funds as they are learning, or even just for testing a tool or an idea, 3Commas offers users the Demo account facility. This is a virtual account for you, where all data is taken from real-time exchanges. So every 3Commas user can come up with a trading strategy and try it on a virtual account without any risk.

3Commas cooperates with many exchanges and currently supports 16 different exchange account types - we are an official partner of Binance, Deribit, OKX, and many other exchanges that are extremely popular among traders. And thanks to the SmartTrades and Bots, traders using the 3Commas platform regularly win prizes at major trading tournaments.

3Commas is constantly changing and improving, keeping up with the development of the crypto industry. But no matter what, users will always remain our main priority and the number one driver for improving the platform. Together with traders we will shape and determine the future of the 3Commas platform.

Try the 3Commas with three days of free access to any subscription plan of your choice and a discount on your yearly subscription!

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