Dashboard & the 3Commas User Interface

New to 3Commas and our User Interface? Read on to find out about our features and account settings!

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The 3Commas Dashboard is your main page when you log-in, where you can quickly view "at a glance" information about your trade activity and linked exchange accounts.

It is also the gateway to other sections of the 3Commas platform, take a look at what you can do from here:

Don't like light themes? Turn to the dark side!

Don't want others to see your email and balances? Hide them:

Overall stats show you all coins in your Wallet and if BTC for example goes down and you have some BTC coins in your wallet, it could show you some minus. From this place, you can switch your account to Paper Trading Account and test the strategies you have. Paper Trading uses Binance Exchange chart pricing, and it simulates the trading on Binance Exchange, so the profit and loss will be 99% the same as it can be on the real account.

From the Dashboard, you can connect all the crypto exchanges you want to have on 3Commas and also see your Trader Diary with all the Smart trade history on it.

Also, you can create from the Dashboard your DCA bot or make the new Smart Trade. If you know some friends, who would be interested in 3Commas, please find your referral link in the "Invite friends" section.

You can view all the accounts you have connected to your 3Commas account. Click the “eye” 👁 button next to any linked account. Scroll down and find your Balance data. There you can set up the "Starting date" for this account statistic, also you can see more data about coins you have in your Wallet and Open Orders.

The "Bots" tab. Here you can see the best bots for the last 24h can be found. You can view settings or copy any of these bots.

Check and view settings of top-performing bots from other users:

Here you will find Available Exchanges and Supported Features and this is the easiest way to open your new account on some other Exchange and connect it to 3Commas.

Check your account settings: change language, password, enable 2FA, use notifications.

View summary balances and history.

My Exchanges: Refresh balances, View coins held, Edit API keys, and Delete.

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