Dashboard & the 3Commas User Interface

New to 3Commas and our User Interface? Read on to find out about our features and account settings!

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The 3Commas Dashboard is your main page when you log in, where you can quickly view "at a glance" information about your trade activity and linked exchange accounts.

It is also the gateway to other sections of the 3Commas platform.

Take a look at your Dashboard page:​

When a Demo account is activated:

When a Real account is active, but no exchange is connected:

When a Real account is active and an exchange is connected:

For new users, we have created a dedicated page that can be opened by clicking on the Beginner guide tab.

There you can find educational videos and links to the articles that will help you to start your trading journey with 3Commas:

If you click on the user icon at the top right corner, you can see the drop-down menu where you can:

a. Switch from Light mode to Dark and backwards.

b. Collapse the left-side menu (very useful on small screens).

c. Open the Subscription page.

d. Open the Promo codes page.

e. Open the Invite Friends page.

f. Open the My Portfolios page.

g. Open the Trader's Diary page.

h. Open the Settings page.

i. Open the 3Commas API page, it's very useful for developers.

j. Log out.

If you click on the balance field at the top of the page, you will see the following options:

a. Current BTC/USD and ETH/USD rates that update in real-time.

b. Overall balance on either Real or Demo accounts.

c. Switch from Real to Demo account and backward.

d. This toggle displays the approximate value of your balance in BTC.

e. You can hide the balance if you don't want anybody to see.

f. You can hide the rates from line "a".

g. This button opens the My Portfolio page.

Overall stats show you the value of all coins you have on all your connected exchanges or Demo account. For example, if you have some BTC coins on your exchange balance and its price goes down, you will see some minus in this field.

The Demo account uses Binance Spot exchange chart pricing, and it simulates the trading on Binance Spot, so the profit and loss will be 99% the same as it can be on the real account.

From the Dashboard page, you can connect an exchange.

There is a list of the most popular exchanges (according to your location) to help you find and connect your exchange faster. You can click on the Show more to view the full list of supported exchanges:

Later, you can create a DCA bot, a Grid bot, and a Signal bot:

You can also open the DCA bots presets page and choose one of the bots that was created by another user:

Here comes a part of the Dashboard where you can see the changes in your overall balance, list of assets and contracts, and create a SmartTrade:

In the Tokens section you will see all the assets you have on the balance.
NOTE: if you exclude one or more exchanges from the Total balance, the assets from those excluded exchanges will not be displayed in these sections:

Futures contracts are displayed for all Futures exchanges connected to 3Commas, if they have open positions. After clicking on the Down arrow you can see all the exchanges that have positions open for the same contract:

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