Go to 3Commas

To see all available bots for copying you need to go to the Preset page:

You can copy any bot there just by clicking on the Copy Bot button or on the preset card:

Then the page with basic information and statistics will be opened:

Here you can change the Name of the bot and the Max amount for bot usage (Based on current rate). If you are ok with the statistics and other general information and want to copy the bot, you can click on the Start button and the bot will be copied and started right away showing how much of the funds it will use:

If you want to dig deeper into the bot's settings, you can click on the Edit settings button:

There you can change all the settings you want just like for the usual Advanced DCA bot. All other settings will be automatically copied from the original bot.

That's all you need to do in order to copy the DCA bot from other users!
Happy trading!

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