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DCA bots: bulk editing bots in Control panel
DCA bots: bulk editing bots in Control panel

Learn how you can bulk edit your DCA bots using the Control Panel

Updated over a week ago

New Bulk editing of DCA bots is now available for users on all paid plans!

For now, this tool includes the ability to start/stop or delete several bots.

Please note that the Control Panel is in beta mode and is not part of our current subscription plans and may become a chargeable feature when released.

Let's cut to the chase.

1. Go to the Control Panel page.

You will see the greeting window:

2. Apply the needed filters

These filters are as follows:

  • Accounts - you can choose all, one or more than one exchange account to display the bots.

  • Pairs - you can specify the pair/-s to be displayed.

  • Strategies - you can choose between Long and Short bots.

  • Type - you can choose between Single pair or Multi pair bots.

  • Group - a new filter where you can group your bots in groups, totally 5 groups.

3. Choose what and how you want to display the list of the bots

  • Profit currency - if you trade different pairs with different profit currencies, you can choose to display the profit in these cryptocurrencies or you can display the profit in the USD equivalent.

  • Profit type:

    • PnL - only the profit/loss of closed deals are displayed;

    • PnL+uPnL - the profit/loss of closed deals and unrealized profit/loss of active trades;

    • PnL/uPnL - displays separately profit/loss of closed trades and profit/loss of active trades.

  • Choose what columns to display. Here, the most important settings are included and you can see all of them to figure out the situation of your trading strategy.

4. Sort the bot list

After applying the filters, you can sort the list by the specific parameter, like Investment:

5. Select the needed bots

After all filtering and sorting are done, you can now select several bots to Start them (if they were inactive), Stop (if they are running) or Delete them:

In future releases, the possibility of editing several bots' and several trades' parameters will be added, so stay tuned!

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