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We're excited to announce a new feature that further enhances your trading experience - Trailing Down!

With Trailing Up already in place, you no longer have to worry about the price exceeding the upper limit. However, now with the addition of Trailing Down, you can prevent the price from going beyond the lower border of your bot.

However, unlike Trailing Up, Trailing Down works slightly differently.

To avoid fixing losses, the bot will not cancel the upper orders. Therefore, it will require additional funds to trail down. This ensures that you can continue to trade even when the market takes a downward turn, giving you more control and flexibility in your trading strategy.

With this new feature, you can set a lower limit and let the bot handle the rest. You don't need to monitor the market constantly, the bot will keep the price within your desired range. This will help you make better trading decisions and increase your chances of profit.

By combining both Trailing Up and Trailing Down, you can place fewer limit orders on the exchange in advance and let your bot use more virtual orders instead.

The trailing down feature is available for bots with order sizes in both QUOTE and BASE currency.

Here is how it works.

Imagine the price goes downwards and passes your lowest grid line.

In this case, the GRID bot will check if you have enough QUOTE currency. If you do, the bot will place another BUY order at a distance depending on the bot's strategy - Arithmetic or Geometric.

After it is executed, another BUY order will be placed. And so on while there is sufficient balance. If there is not enough QUOTE currency on your balance, the bot will display the Incuffitient funds error.

Thus, the initial amount of grid lines will increase until the Insufficient funds error happens or the lower limit for Trailing (Stop trailing down) is reached.

At the same time, all the SELL orders will remain the same, and the max active grid lines amount will not change and will keep going down with the new BUY orders.

If you’ve been using a GRID bot already, these are the changes you’ll notice with this latest update — including many that go beyond the major new Trailing Down upgrade:

  • You can see a blue widget of balances in the system currency.

  • You can set Investment in the system currency.

  • You can switch between the Geometric/Arithmetic mode.

  • You can turn on a switch to activate Trailing up in Geometric mode.

  • You can click on the "Back to default view" link in the expanded form to return to the initial compact form view.

  • You can turn on a switch to activate Trailing down in Geometric/Arithmetic modes.

  • You can change the trigger price for Stop trailing down, at which point Trailing down will be deactivated.

  • You can switch to set Stop trailing down in a percentage deviation from the current price.

  • You can see Trailing down order levels on the chart.

  • You can move the Stop trailing down level on the chart.

  • You can use a switch to toggle between the Step and Levels fields

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