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DCA bots: 3Commas HODL bot strategy
DCA bots: 3Commas HODL bot strategy

Turn your DCA bot into HODL bot with TradingView custom signals.

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How does it work?

This strategy is designed for long-term investments. It follows the conventional DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) investment strategy. The HODL strategy is to keep buying equal shares of an asset at regular intervals, regardless of the asset's current price. Investing this way does not require a big sum as a one-time payment, and an increase in the value of an asset can bring potential gains over time.

All you need is just the 3Commas DCA bot and TradingView Custom Signal.

How to set up?

1. Create 3Commas DCA bot for your preferred exchange and trading pair:

  • Disable safety orders (set safety orders count to 0).

  • Disable Take profit (Set a 999% Take Profit and activate Trailing Take Profit).

  • Manually start the first trade.

  • Copy the "Message for deal add funds signal" from your bot's page.

    You can edit volume in this parameter of your message: "volume": 10

2. Link the HODL DCA Strategy to your DCA bot via webhook signal:

  • Open your Tradingview account.

  • Add 3Commas HODL DCA strategy script to favorite indicators:

  • Open a chart of the desired trading pair and apply the strategy indicator.

  • Set the Start date and Finish date for strategy trading — the strategy will buy on every bar close after Start date:

  • The chart's timeframe will control the frequency of purchases. For instance, on the daily timeframe, the bot will buy every day, while on the weekly timeframe, it will buy every week.

3. Set up an alert on Tradngview website:

  • Press the Create Alert button

  • Switch alert condition to 3Commas HODL DCA.

  • Paste your "Message for deal add funds signal" into the alert message field.

  • Specify the amount your bot will use to purchase coins directly in the script message.

  • Insert 3Commas webhook address "". Please note that this link won't open in any browser. Only the Tradingview server is able to reach it.

4. Please note that this article describes integration only for Add Funds signal and leaving the option to exit your strategy by manually closing your DCA bot deal. If you want to exit your strategy on Finish date then you will need to set up another alert for “Message to close all deals at Market Price and stop bot”.

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