Bitget: how to create API keys

Learn how to create API keys to connect the Bitget account to 3Commas

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Important note!

Bitget is enforcing mandatory KYC for all new user accounts created from 1st September. Users with older Bitget accounts will have until 1st October to KYC.

2. Go to the API management page

3. Click on Create API

4. Choose API key type

  • Choose System-generated API key if you prefer Bitget to create both API key and API Secret for you. In the article, we'll consider this type.

  • Choose User-generated API keys (RSA) if you know how to manually create API key and API Secret.

5. Create Name (Note) and Passphrase

A passphrase will be required when connecting the exchange to 3Commas, so remember it correctly:

6. Enable permissions

Choose the Read-write option and enable only Futures permissions (Orders and Holdings) as 3Commas supports only Futures market for now:

7. Enter the IP whitelist addresses

To find updated IP addresses, go to the connecting Bitget exchange page and take the IP addresses from there:

Paste them into the Linked IP address field divided by commas, and click Next:

8. Enter the verification codes

After you enter the codes, please, click Confirm:

9. Save the keys

10. Connect the Bitget account to 3Commas

That's it! Congratulations!

Now use these API keys and Passphrase to connect your Bitget account to 3Commas!
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