Binance TR: how to create API keys

Learn how to create API keys and connect them to 3Commas.

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1. Go to the Binance TR.

2. Hover over the account icon and click API Yönetimi.

3. Name your API keys.

When you have multiple APIs, a proper name helps to manage it:

4. Enter the security codes and click Onayla.

5. Click on İzinleri düzenle.

6. Adjust the permissions and click Kaydet.

Enable trading permission and DO NOT enable withdrawal permission.

Also you need to enable the whitelisting by checking Erişimi yalnızca güvenilir IP adreslerıyle sınırla:

Important information about IP Whitelisting!

3Commas supports whitelisting for Binance TR, so please copy and paste the IP addresses that you can find on the exchange connecting page on 3Commas:

7. Copy and paste the API keys somewhere safe.

8. Connect the exchange to 3Commas.

Follow the instructions in the article below to connect your Binance TR to 3Commas:

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