Go to 3Commas

First of all you need to choose a subscription:

Choose a Monthly or Yearly plan:

Annual plans are paid with one lump sum; prices indicated on the screen are the monthly equivalent prices after the annual plan discount has been applied.

⚠️When paying for an annual subscription, the full amount will be debited from your account, once for 12 months.

Click "3 days for free" on the subscription you need:

Choose a convenient way to pay:

⚠️Please pay attention:

3 days of trial are only available if a Bank card or PayPal is chosen as a payment method. If the payment method is Cryptocurrency, then 3 days of trial are not available!

It is VERY important that you read and understand all of these documents to prevent further questions and possible inconveniences:

Click on Activate Trial (or Pay):

⚠️IMPORTANT NOTE! For subscriptions that are paid with PayPal or a bank card, you will have to agree to the Recurring Payment policy. Please, read it carefully and thoroughly!

The recurring payment option can be canceled at any time on the Subscription page in the Subscription history section right after the payment has been made:

Choose Card or PayPal

If you chose Bank card or PayPal you need to choose it again to make it sure:

Fill in the card credentials and click on Start Your Free Trial:

Or log into the PayPal account and follow the steps:

⚠️REMEMBER - after the trial period expires, the payment will be automatically made from the bank card or PayPal account. You can cancel the trial period at any time!

If you would like to make payment with crypto, this article will help you with that:

That's it! 3Commas subscription is yours! We hope you'll enjoy it 🤩

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