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Do DCA and Grid bots include the exchange fee in profit calculation?
Do DCA and Grid bots include the exchange fee in profit calculation?

People often ask if the profits reported include the exchange fees.

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But there are different ways of including fees in PnL and uPnL.

The standard fees are considered when calculating the Take profit and Stop losses. It's in uPnL. Usually, it's a taker fee at the lowest tier on the exchange (0.1% on Binance, for example).

However, when the trade is closed, the results (PnL) include the net trading fees, taking into account all possible discounts you have on your exchange.

For example, on Binance Spot you use BNB to pay for the trading fees. When the bot places the Take profit order for a deal, it includes a 0.1% fee. But when the deal is closed, your net profit will be higher because the fee was paid with BNB and not with the profit currency.

On Futures accounts, the Funding fees are not included in the Futures positions on 3Commas. Unfortunately, the funding fees are reported as a separate transaction on the exchange account that is not linked to the position or trade that was opened by 3Commas. So take this into account when setting up tiny take profits for Futures DCA bots.

In Grid bots, it's slightly different.

The bot does not consider any trading fees while placing the orders (grid lines). But when the profit is calculated from the closed orders, it includes the real trading fees so the real profit can be a little less than the distance between the grid lines. You need to keep this in mind when you create a Grid bot with really small distances between the grid lines. For example, you have a trading fee of 0.1% and you place the grid lines at the 0.2% distance, you will have no profit as it will be wasted for trading fees.

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