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Here you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding 3Commas Subscriptions, please check here for a fast answer to a Subscription related query you may have!

How many Exchanges can I link to 3Commas?

You can link as many different exchange accounts as you like - different accounts on the same exchange or a mixture of different exchanges that 3Commas supports!

I have sent the payment to purchase the 3Commas subscription, but the subscription has not yet started. Why is that?

If you pay with a bank card or PayPal, please check the payment status with your bank (i.e. via mobile bank app), check your email inbox to find a letter from Paddle with a payment status in there.

If you pay for the subscription with cryptocurrency, it may take some time to process and confirm the transaction. After the required number of confirmations is received, the transaction is counted as verified, and the payment provider proceeds with further steps. Thus, it may take up to several minutes for the subscription to be activated.

Why is the option to pay with Cryptocurrency not available for my country?

Not all payment options will be available for some countries.

For example, payment by cryptocurrencies is not available in the UK, USA, Canada or UAE.

Can I pay for a Marketplace signal using Fiat, Paypal, Credit or Debit card?

Unfortunately this is not possible, please use an alternative payment method.

Can I use a Multi-pair DCA bot on my Pro or Expert subscription plan level?

Yes, you can run up to 50 Multi-pair DCA bot on a Pro plan and up to 250 Multi-pair DCA bots on an Expert plan.

My subscription expires soon. Can I try a higher plan level for a few days before I decide which subscription plan I'd like to take next?

Of course, this is no problem! Please contact Customer Support and we will give you a trial code so you may try out a different plan level before you decide which plan to take next!

What will happen if my Subscription has expired and I have open trades?

Don't worry! Any running trades or bot deals will be completed normally until you choose to cancel or close them manually.

When your paid subscription expires, your bots will be stopped, and you will move onto our Free subscription plan level. What is available on the Free plan is described in this article.

Which plan do I need if I want to use Marketplace signals to automate my trading?

A Pro or Expert subscription is recommended, as this allows you to use Multi-pair bots and Futures exchanges. A Multi-pair bot is important if you want the Marketplace signal to tell your bot which coins to trade.

Is a full TradingView.com subscription included in 3commas plans?

No, 3Commas and TradingView are separate companies, we do recommend traders open a free TradingView.com account as they may find the extra tools and indicators and more flexible chart layout (and the saving of favorite indicators) really useful. 3Commas charts are great for simple trades and monitoring your live trades but no substitute for a proper charting service for Technical Analysis.

Why can't I use bots on my Demo account?

Demo account has the same limitations as a Real account, restricted by your current subscription plan level.

For example, if you are on a Pro plan, then you can run only up to 50 DCA bots on Demo account as it's allowed on your current plan level. Please check if you reached the allowed bots number.

Is a Demo account included on the Free Subscription Plan level?

No, the Demo account is available for paid-subscription users only.

How can I make my monthly/annual Subscription Plan payment automatically recur?

When you originally subscribed to 3Commas and paid with Apple/Google Pay, PayPal or Credit/Debit card, the plan option is set to recur automatically and will charge your PayPal or bank card (including Apple/Google pay) when your subscription is due for renewal. If you cancel this option, you can extend your subscription beforehand with no need to wait till it expires. This auto-renewal option is unavailable for Cryptocurrency plan payments.

Can I change my billing address and invoice?

If you paid with a Credit or Debit card or using PayPal and did not enter the billing address, then check your emails for the payment receipt from Paddle, and you should see a link to allow you to add the payment address:

If you entered the billing address BEFORE you made a payment, you will not be able to change the billing address for the current already made payment, but you will be able to change the billing address for the upcoming payments.

If you would like to change your information for future invoices, please cancel your recurring subscription and update it here before re-subscribing.

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