Dear traders,

3Commas has performed a hard reset of all API keys created before 28th December 00:01 UTC.

The process took between about 5 hours and happened on 29th of December at 18:00 UTC. This forms part of our security sweep in cooperation with our exchange partners, to increase the security of our users.

What will I need to do?

Once the API revocations begin, you may have symptoms, such as:

  • UPNL not updating on Bot Deals and SmartTrades

  • Problems Cancelling, Closing or Starting new Deals or SmartTrades

  • Invalid API messages/alerts displayed by active trades or deals

  • Problems loading your exchange account balances

If you have any issues like those above, then check your exchange connections on the Portfolio page, you can see if the API keys have been revoked or may be experiencing an issue, like the examples below:

Or if you click the refresh button by each connected exchange account, you may see this:

If you see either of the messages above, either click the red "Update API Key" button, or click the "options" button and choose the "Update API Key" option:

You can then sign-in to your exchange account and delete any old API keys that used to be connected, and recreate a new, fresh API key and Secret (or alternatively choose the Fast Connect option in 3Commas if this is available to you).

You can see our guides for linking exchanges, here:

Please Do Not Use Fast Connect, if:

  • If you are in a country where Futures trading is not allowed, please do not use the Fast Connect option.

  • If you are connecting a Sub Account, please do not use Fast Connect.

Possible issues

Failed/Cancelled Deals or Trades

During this API Revocation process, you may experience issues with SmartTrades or DCA Bot deals being marked as failed and moved to your Deal History.

If this happens to you, please do not worry, these DCA Bot deals and SmartTrades can be recreated if they fail.

If you have a deal or trade that has failed or you cancelled and whish to recreate it, then follow this simple guides:

Locked Funds

If you notice your available balance is lower than it appears on the Portfolio page, it may be that some funds have been locked on Limit orders in the exchange.

Use the Opened Orders widget to look up any active orders on your exchange account and the trade type and ID that is locking the funds, then compare this with active SmartTrades or DCA bot deals you have running.

If you find orders are still created for a Bot Deal or a SmartTrade that has finished, then please log-in to your exchange account and delete the orders from the exchange website.

If you require any assistance, please reach out to our friendly team for help!

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