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Pay for the subscription with cryptocurrency
Pay for the subscription with cryptocurrency
Understand tricky moments to avoid issues.
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1. Decide to use cryptocurrency

It takes a few minutes to send a payment but up to an hour to process it. If you're in a hurry, you better avoid using cryptocurrency. 

We encourage you to do it at least once. It's harder than with PayPal or a card, but what about the experience?  

2. Choose cryptocurrency

If you don't want to use USDT (TRC20), expand the list to see all available currencies:

You can pay for the plan with the following coins - please note that this list may change periodically, please check which coins or tokens are available for payments:

  1. USDT (TRC20)

  2. USDT (ERC20)

  3. USDT (Omni layer)

  4. BTC (BTC network)

  5. BTC (Lightning Network)

  6. ETH

  7. ETC

  8. BNB (Mainnet)


  10. BUSD (ERC20)



  13. BCH

  14. BCH (BS CHAIN)


  16. SOL

  17. TRX

  18. LTC

  19. DOGE

  20. DAI (ERC20)


  22. QTUM

  23. TUSD

  24. USDC

If you want to avoid unnecessary delays and use low fees then you can use a Crypto that transfers faster and cheaper, such as LTC or TRX and not BTC or USDT (ERC20). LTC transaction fees are 0.00100 LTC (it is about 0.094 USDT).

Please remember: You should pay the requested amount + transfer fees, which are shown on your withdrawal page.

3. Click "Pay"

Make sure you READ and accept Terms of use and especially Refund policy!

Click "Pay":

4. The tricky part - how much to send

  • Add all fees to the amount you see. Wallets and exchanges show additional fees when you create a transfer;

  • You can send a bit more, but not less

  • Round up if you can't send the exact amount:

5. Send to the address

Send the payment to the address that was given to you as shown below:

Check the payment status

Click on the Check transaction status button after you make payment. This will open the status page with your current payment status.

Also, on the Subscription page scroll down to the Subscription history section and click on the Check status icon to see what's the current status of your payment:

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