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Troubleshoot cryptocurrency payments
Troubleshoot cryptocurrency payments

Find and fix issues with your cryptocurrency payment.

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2. Go to the Subscribe history tab;

3. Click on the icon "Check status".

Some failed payments don't have the link.

Payments fail when:

  • You don't add an exchange withdrawal fee

  • The exchange processes withdrawals slowly or once a day

  • The transaction doesn't confirm in time

You can't finish failed payments, make a new one.

You get a refund if the payment fails

CoinPayments sends a refund link to your email when there's confirmed funds. 

No received funds

  • You didn't finish the withdrawal

  • You have multiple payments and used another one

  • The exchange or wallet sent funds too late


  • You didn't add exchange withdrawal or wallet transaction fees

  • You rounded down the required amount 

If there's enough time to make another transaction, you can send the remaining or slightly more to the SAME payment address:

If the time ends, wait until you get a refund and create a new payment


When received and needed amounts are equal, but you don't see enough confirms:

  • The exchange sent funds too late

  • You sent it with a small transaction fee

  • Currency network is slow due to overload

If the status is not "Cancelled / Timed Out", wait until the payment finishes. Otherwise, you should pay again. You'll get the refund link for the failed payment when it confirms on the blockchain.

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