🔹 KYC and API key permission updates:

Please make sure you have passed KYC on your exchange or your API permissions have not expired.

For example, Binance.com API keys permissions need to be updated every 90 days.

Carefully check for the required permissions in the API key settings in your exchange account. Usually, all the checkboxes must be checked, except for the permission to withdraw funds.

But some exchanges must have special settings, take a look at this documentation and learn more about the specifics of connecting the API for each exchange:

API documentation

🔹Duplicate API:

Also, make sure that you haven't connected the same API multiple times to 3Commas:

Multiple connections of the same exchange may cause these errors. You should keep only one account and delete duplicated entries.

To resolve this you would need to head over to the exchanges page in 3commas, from here you will see all of your connected exchange APIs. To remove any duplicate API connections, you will need to click the small trash can icon next to the corresponding exchange API shown. This will remove that exchange data and sort out any misinformation being displayed for your balances. Example...

If you see an error while trying to remove duplicates, уou should finish trades on one of the accounts and then delete this entry.

To differentiate them - please rename one of them. This will let you see which account trades/bots belong to.

🔹 Sometimes when you see the error it is just a temporary/brief communication issue that is resolved by itself quickly and won't affect the trade.

You would only need to change the API keys if you get an error when you go to the My Exchanges page and then click the refresh button by the linked exchange account:

🔹 If you get an API error, then you might need to change the API keys being used here on this page: https://3commas.io/accounts (click the edit button - looks like a pen and paper - and copy a new API key and secret over the top of the old ones). This way all the active deals should be saved.

You can find more information on troubleshooting API issues here:

Update connected exchange account

Fix exchange connection errors

If none of the above helped and you are still seeing the error, please firstly, log in to your Binance account, go to “Settings”, and provide us with a screenshot of the “Basic Info”.

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