Smart Buy is a recent addition to the 3Commas Smart Trading tools.

Smart Buy is essentially the opposite of the Smart Sell feature and specifically designed for traders that have open Short positions on Futures exchanges.

Smart Buy allows 3Commas users to take control of "orphaned" Short positions, that is, those that have no Bot, Grid Bot or Smart Trade controlling them or monitoring the positions progress. This can be a dangerous situation for a Futures trader as the position is at risk of being liquidated.

You can click Smart Buy and choose the exchange and coin pair being traded, see the size of the open position and then take charge of it by configuring Take Profit levels and/or a Stop Loss.

Smart Buy is also useful for traders that may have created a Short position on the exchange directly and now decide they wish to control the position inside of 3Commas.

Grid Bot users that cancel a Grid Bot on a Futures coin pair may also benefit from Smart Buy as well as traders running Futures DCA Short bots.

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