Smart Trades: Frequently Asked Questions

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Smart Trades are one the most powerful tools to accelerate your profits and/or build your account. Over the last few years, we've gathered the questions we are most frequently asked into this FAQ and hopefully it will let you quickly find an answer!

How can I view more information about my Smart Trade?


You can click the little "v" button to the side of your Smart Trade to view more information on a live Smart Trade or when viewing the Smart Trade History.

This is useful on Futures trades to find the Liquidation Price for a contract being traded, for example:

How can I cancel or edit any "Add Funds" orders I created but no longer want?


You can see in the picture below that after you expand the detailed information of the Smart Trade, there are the Cancel and the Edit buttons:

How can I "Dollar Cost Average" my Smart Trade entry? How I can add funds to my Smart Trade?


Click on the three dots from the Smart Trade options button and use the Add Funds button and choose whether to place a Market Order to add funds immediately at current chart price, or specify a fixed price with the Limit Order setting.

The Smart Trade progress bar will update to show the new "average cost" once the order has been executed. This will not change your Take Profit target settings or Stop Loss prices configured, however.

More detailed information about Add Funds feature is in this article:

How do I get instant alerts about my Smart Trade status?


Link Telegram to your 3Commas account at and configure the notifications you want to receive as an instant message.

You can also choose Email alerts or Browser notifications too, if you prefer!

What happens if a Smart Trade set to open with a Limit Order is only partially filled?


For example, you may wonder if you create a Smart Trade and set it to start the trade with a Limit Order at a specific price, but the order doesn't get filled completely, does the Stop Loss and Take Profit target conditions still execute?

In this case, no, the Smart Trade will wait for the entry order to fill completely before it activates the Take Profit or Stop Loss steps.

I accidentally cancelled my Futures Smart Trade - how can I get it back?


You can quickly and easily reconnect to a cancelled Futures Smart Trade that still has an open position on the exchange with just a couple of button clicks!

Does Trailing Stop Loss work if you have set multiple Take Profit targets?


Yes! This is no problem, even if 3 or 8 Take Profit steps have been completed, Trailing Stop Loss will still follow price to protect your trade.

How does the Trailing Take profit work if I set several Take profit targets?


Long story short - the Trailing will be applied only to the last Take profit target.

Let's say you have set 4 Take profit targets and turned on the Trailing take profit feature. First 3 Take profit targets will be placed as the Limit orders but the last, the 4th Take profit target will not be placed and will have this Trailing feature pending.

I opened a trade on the service, but there are no orders on the exchange. Where are they?


If you use Market or Conditional orders, 3Commas does not place a sell order on the exchange until one of your sell conditions is met. The service will sell your coins when your Stop Loss or Take Profit settings are triggered.

Also tools that have a trailing function use Market Orders, so these are not able to be entered into the exchange order book, unlike Limit Orders.

Why does the service place a sell order at such a low price?


This is done to guarantee that the position is closed. Don’t panic! The coin is not really sold at this price; the actual price is determined by the market at the time the transaction is made. For example, the service places an order to sell 1 BCC at 0.00050000 at which time the buy book (Bid orders) is:

  1. 4 BCC at 0.18 btc;

  2. 5 BCC at 0.179 btc;

  3. 2 BCC at 0.175 btc.

Thus, your 1 BCC will be sold:

  1. 4 BCC at 0.18 btc;

  2. 5 BCC at 0.179 btc;

  3. 1 BCC at 0.175 btc.

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