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FAQ: Email confirmation for Facebook users
FAQ: Email confirmation for Facebook users

Frequently Asked Questions about the Email Confirmation process

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It is important that 3Commas has a confirmed email address for each user account.

Email is an important communication channel for several reasons, so you may receive:

  • Critical Security Alerts and Log-in Notifications

  • Trade and Bot deal messages (if you enable these options)

  • Support messages when you have created a support request

Additionally, it is another layer of account security that our Support Team may use to authenticate you and protect the security of your account, if you need to contact us for assistance.

What will happen if I don't have a Confirmed Email address linked to my 3Commas account?

When the email confirmation process is activated, you may be signed out of your 3Commas account. When you next sign-in to 3Commas and you use the "Continue with Facebook" sign-in option, if your email address is not confirmed, you will see a page that asks you to enter an email address you want to have linked to your 3Commas account.

The screen will then update and ask you to enter your unique confirmation code, please leave this screen open for now as you will need to return to it later.

A confirmation email will be sent to the address you enter with a unique code number, please enter the code into the previous screen and your email address should be confirmed successfully!

What email address will be used to send the confirmation message?

The confirmation message will be sent from the official 3Commas email address: [email protected] - please do not reply to this address, it is used for outbound messages only and is not monitored.

What happens if I enter an email address that is linked to another 3Commas account?

Each 3Commas account can only be connected to a unique email address. If you see a message saying the email address has already been used, it may be that you have a duplicate 3Commas account you no longer use, or one created accidentally.

In this case you will need to enter another email address.

I didn't receive a confirmation code. What should I do?

First of all, please check if you entered the correct email address and that your mailbox is not full, also check the Spam folder. If all these steps are passed, wait for up 10 minutes, as delivery may be delayed by a few minutes.

If you don't receive the code, please try the process again - there will be a button you can click to say "I haven't received the email".

If the issues persist, please contact our support team by email, using the same address you'd like to link to your 3Commas account.

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