3Commas API: Developer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from Developers that want to use the 3Commas API to create cool apps and scripts!

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3Commas doesn't just offer a Web Interface and Mobile Apps!

We have a fully featured REST API with support for Websockets that amateur and professional developers can leverage to automate account management, advanced trading strategies or to create their very own dashboards =)

You can find information on the 3Commas GitHub page and can join our API developer community Telegram group to swap ideas or get help from other amazing 3Commas users when you are stuck with a coding issue.

We also have a Telegram API Announcements channel where breaking news related to the API is published.

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions from people who wish to get started creating their own scripts and apps.

Can I only use a 3Commas Developers API key for coding?

No, you may want to create an API key for use with an app created by one of our talented 3Commas community users, no coding required!

What programming languages are supported by the 3Commas API?

You can use any programming language that supports creating requests to REST APIs and Websockets.

You can also use spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel as these platforms have their own scripting languages that can connect to APIs!

If you have never programmed before and would like to try, we'd suggest beginning with Google Sheets or Python as great starting points.

How do I create an API key and Secret for my 3Commas account so I can use it in my code?

Easy! Select which Developer API key method to use and head over to the guide to find out how to create the key required for your new app or script! =)

You can configure permissions on your API key to have read-only or write access to your account, Smart Trades, and Bots, as well!

Can I use the 3Commas Developers API for Demo Trading?

Yes! If you have Paper Trading as part of your subscription plan level, then this is an excellent way to test ideas and code you have created!

What are the Rate Limits for API Users?

2,500 requests per 5 minutes for our REST API.

REST API requests have different weights. You can read more about this in our GitHub guide. When a Rate Limit is exceeded, you will receive an HTTP 429 response requesting that you back off. If the requests do not fall to an acceptable limit, you will receive an HTTP 418 response and a temporary ban that will vary in length from 2 minutes to 3 days. If you have issues hitting Rate Limits often, consider off-loading some requests to our Websockets!

How can I retrieve information from Positions or Orders not created by 3Commas on my exchange account?

Currently, this is not possible; only information for Positions and Orders created/controlled by a 3Commas Smart Trade, DCA bot or Grid bot can be retrieved.

I'm having problems updating a bot's pairs using the API, only the last pair is saved!

This is most likely because you are sending the list of pairs as an array or dictionary; please create a string to receive all the bot pairs and then concatenate this into the bot's parameters you are building.

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