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Technical Details

All apps are shown via Frames. That means you have to host your web application on your side, allowing it to be shown in frames. Due to Frames' nature, not all products, such as Twitter and Telegram, allow working with them. Hence, please test your app functionality before applying to the store.

When a user launches an app, a unique API key with requested permissions is created and sent to your side. So a user no longer has to provide you API keys manually.

API Details

When a user launches an App, we send an API key with additional information. This information contains:

  • API

  • Secret key

  • Hashed user ID

  • Hashed email (lowercase, SHA 256)

  • Theme parameters (night or day)

An example of a request being sent looks like this:

How to add an app

  1. Click to Upload an app

  2. Fill in a short form

    1. App name

    2. Short description

    3. Main description (works with https://remarkjs.github.io/react-markdown/, so you can make it look smooth and stylish)

    4. Icon

    5. Tags

    6. 3 Screenshots

  3. Select Permissions (an API key with requested permissions will be created. Please note that most developers can create only Temporary write access permission. This was made due to security issues. It means write API keys will be active ONLY if a user has your app launched. When users close your app, API keys will stop working in 60 seconds. However, the same API keys will be active once the user relaunches your app. To request permanent keys, please message the 3Commas support team.

  4. Click the “Release” button on your app.

After that, your app will be sent to moderation. The process can take up to 1-2 business days. Your previous version keeps being active.

Monetization and billing

The terms for your app monetization are described in 3Commas API Terms of Use for Developers (section 9).

3Commas Developers Community

Do not hesitate to join our 3Commas Apps Development Telegram chat for the latest updates!

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