Can I change my subscription?

Learn how to upgrade or modify your subscription plan

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Yes, you can change your active subscription in the following ways:

1. Upgrade your plan level

To upgrade your current plan to a higher tier, open the Plans&pricing tab and click on the Buy button under the desired higher plan:

After that, you will be offered the option to either Upgrade or Extend your current subscription:

If you choose Upgrade.

New subscription plan will be active immediately after the successful payment. All remaining time on your current active subscription will be converted to a partial credit towards the new payment, and you will just have to pay the difference.

Our system treats this type of upgrade in two steps:

  1. The system will see the price you paid for your current plan. It will then divide this by the number of days in the plan length you purchased and then multiply it by the remaining unused days - this sum will be used as a partial credit against the cost of the new plan you have chosen

  2. When you select the new plan level and length, this partial credit from p.1 will be applied. Please note you cannot upgrade from an annual plan to a monthly plan.

If you choose Extend.

The next subscription period will be active the day your current subscription expires. In this case, the next subscription will need to be paid in full.

  • Sometimes, you may want to Upgrade to a higher plan when you have purchased one more subscription in the queue or applied an additional promo code to extend the subscription time. The pending promo code will result in this error:

    That's fine, don't worry, just contact the Support team and they will help you manage your subscription :)

  • These two options are also available if you have an active trial or promo subscription. You can purchase a Monthly or Annual subscription for any plan and place it into the queue (Extend) or change into the new subscription immediately (Upgrade).

2. Extend your current subscription

You can extend:

  • from a Monthly subscription to an Annual;

  • for another year if the recurrent payment is canceled or not applied (like when you pay with crypto).

Go to the Plans&pricing tab, choose either 1 Month (if recurring payment is OFF) or 1 Year of the same subscription plan you currently have and click on Buy:

This action will request choosing the payment method and proceeding with the payment.

More detailed information about how to pay for the subscription is in this article:

3. Upgrade from monthly Expert subscription to annual Beginner, Pro or Expert subscriptions

If you have a monthly Expert subscription, you can easily change it to an annual Beginner or Pro or extend it to an annual Expert subscription.


  • To change your subscription, you need to cancel the recurring payment.

  • The remaining time of the current subscription will be counted as a discount and deducted from the payment amount. The payment for the new subscription will be made instantly.

4. Downgrade the subscription

You can buy the lower plan even when you have purchased the higher plan.

In this example we have 1 year of Expert plan, and we can see and buy Beginner or Pro plans for 1 month or 1 year:

If you have an active recurring payment, then the next subscription with a new plan will be paid automatically right after the current active subscription expires. Thus, you don't have to enter the payment credentials again:

If you don't have active recurring payment, then you will need to enter the payment credentials again:

Now you have your new lower subscription waiting in the queue:

You can cancel the recurring payment there, too, if you want.

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