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Q: What is DeCommas?

A: DeCommas - cross-chain trading automation layer by 3Commas. Protocol and Web-3 App to ensure a seamless experience in building and managing your multi-chain portfolio that grows sustainably over time.

Q: What it is intended for?
A: DeCommas was conceived as a one-stop DeFi platform for trading automation, with a full-fledged backend protocol for executing strategies and orders.

Q: Who is the team behind it?
A: Our team started as a RnD department of 3Commas. We have a clear vision of the future and strongly believe in DeFi.

Q: What is the mission?

A: Our mission is to bring new way of automation and yield to DeFi:

-Build and wrap conditional strategies into 1-click vaults.

-Launch sustainable trading strategies across several markets & chains.

-Enhancing yield, delta-neutral strategies, trading volatility and much more in a simple and convenient platform with fully-fledged protocol underneath it.

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