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How to change a login method: Email & Facebook & Apple ID
How to change a login method: Email & Facebook & Apple ID
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The process of changing your login method takes 5 days to complete. During this period, your login method will be changed, and the API keys of your exchange accounts will be disabled, protecting your funds!

Initial Set-Up:

  • Make sure that two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled on your 3Commas account;

  • If 2FA is not enabled, please activate protection according to these instructions.

  • The process for changing the login method will be available 7 days after you activate 2FA.

  • If your account was created with Facebook, please be sure that your 3Commas account has a correct and active email address. You can check this on your 3Commas account settings page.

Procedure for changing login method and updating API keys:

  • Go to your account settings and click "Change email address".

  • Enter the 2FA code.

    Please note, you can't use the change email process if your account does not have two-factor authentication set up or is set less than 7 days ago.

  • After entering 2FA, you will be sent a one-time confirmation link to your current email address (check inbox, other filters, Spam folder).

  • Click confirmation link in same browser and session.

  • Enter a new email.

  • If this new email is not registered with 3Commas, you will be sent a one-time confirmation code to your new email address.

  • Enter the received code on the email change page.

  • Click "Confirm" - done! The procedure for changing the login method is started.

  • On the 5th day after the start of the process, you will receive a final email requesting confirmation of changing your email address and resetting the API of the connected exchanges;

  • Create new API keys in your exchange accounts; you may need to copy these to a file which you can delete after the email change process is fully completed;

  • After confirmation, you will receive an email confirming the creation of a password for the new account - create a new strong password;

  • Log into your 3Commas account, go to the My Exchanges page and update your API keys generated earlier. Please, do it according to these instructions so you do not lose trading history and active deals.

How to cancel the login method change procedure?

If you change your mind, please click "Cancel email changing" in your confirmation email. The login method change procedure will be interrupted.

If you have lost access to your current email address, please contact our Customer Service Team at

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