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Subscription, Payment & Promo codes Errors
Subscription, Payment & Promo codes Errors

Having problems with a Subscription, Payment or using a Promo Code? Read on to see if the answer is here!

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Oops, you have a **** plan!

To launch more bots please upgrade your plan.

If you see this message, then you have exceeded the limit of your current subscription plan.

Please take a look at this page to learn more about the limitations of your subscription.

One of your subscriptions is not yet activated. To upgrade your plan cancel inactive subscriptions in the table below.

You have one or more subscriptions that are planned but haven't started yet. To manage subscriptions, go to the Subscription History section.

If you receive this error after entering a promo code and clicking the "apply" button, please wait until the next subscription in the queue is activated, after that you can apply the promo code again.

Only one subscription can be queued on your account to start after your current subscription expires.

To check your account subscription queue, please go to the Subscription history page, you will see your subscription history with the latest and queued plans at the top of the table.

Error: Please note: if you do not renew your paid subscription, after * days, all bots will be disabled and you will automatically be transferred to the FREE plan.

This message can appear if you only just bought a new subscription or a payment attempt has been delayed when auto-renewing your subscription.

Please check your subscription history on the Subscription history page: if you see a paid subscription in the queue with a valid date, you have nothing to worry about!

If you don't see an entry for your next subscription, please check your payment method, like PayPal or Credit/Debit card to ensure you have enough available funds.

We could not detect a properly setup Google Pay wallet. Please check that your browser and/or device is allowing Google Pay payments and has an active credit card linked to your Google Pay account.

If you are using Google Chrome on desktop, make sure the Allow sites to check if you have payment methods option is turned on in Google settings. It should be turned on by default.

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