In the introductory lecture you will learn: what types of earnings on cryptocurrencies exist and bring the greatest profit; whether it is possible to earn on trading without special education and experience; what is bot trading and what are the advantages and risks.

The course takes place in the format of independent online learning and consists of 14 lectures:

  1. What is a crypto exchange;

  2. Registration on 3Commas;

  3. How to connect an exchange to 3Comms;

  4. Orders;

  5. Long Bot, Boilinger;

  6. Trading Pairs;

  7. Simple Bot;

  8. My deals tab;

  9. Short bot in trading - how it works and strategies;

  10. Composite Bot

  11. Gordon Bot;

  12. What other strategies are there for trading?

  13. Method of exit from invest;

  14. Smart Trade.

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