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Bot Trades

Information about both open and already completed trades is available in “My trades”

The trading statistics of your bots will look like this (excluding digital values):

In case some trades are active, a block with information on the balances of the main currencies on the exchange and their usage will be visible.

Next - active deals with an option to manage them:

  • By clicking the name of the bot ("Test Bot" on the image above), a page with information about this bot will open (it will be reviewed later).

  • By clicking the bot ID, a table will open where you can see active safety orders and take profit orders.

  • The "Cancel" button removes all orders for this trade on the exchange and the bot stops working on it. The purchased coins will remain on the exchange, and the service will no longer take any action using them. Among executed trades, this trade will be displayed without calculated profit / loss with the status "Cancelled".

  • “Sell at Market Price” sells all purchased coins at the market price and the deal gets closed. The profit / loss is calculated and the trade is completed.

  • The “Switch” button allows you to change the bot from long to short or vice versa. At the moment, we are analyzing different mechanics of this switching action, so please always check and adjust the bot settings when clicking this button.

  • The “Add Funds” button allows you to smooth out the consequences of an unsuccessful trade entry. For example, you buy BTC at $10,000, but suddenly the price drops to $8,000. By clicking the “Add Funds” button, you can create a manual DCA order to help average the selling price of BTC to $9.000, this means that the price doesn't need to recover as much to hit your Take Profit target.

  • The button “Smart Trade convert” turns off the bot and creates a Smart Trade with the same exact parameters you entered when setting this bot up. This can be very useful if your bot gets a great entry price on a coin and you want to set multiple take profit targets.

Completed trades are displayed in the "History" section, below is an example of how they might look.


Information about all created bots is available in "My Bots".

  • Clicking the bot name will open a page with information about the bot, active trades, statistics, and a log of recent events.

  • In the “Status” column, you can enable or disable the bot. If you disable a bot which has open trades, it will complete them, but will not open new ones.

  • The "Edit" button (pencil icon) allows you to edit the parameters of the bot. The page is similar to the one you see when you create a new bot (described here). The new parameters will affect new trades when they are opened, but the settings of already active trades will not change.

"Details" (an eye icon), you can turn the bot off, go to the editing page and see information about it:

Statistics and active trades with option to cancel or sale (located below):

And the log of recent events (located on the right):

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