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DCA bots: manage bots' active deals
DCA bots: manage bots' active deals

Cancel, close, switch, edit, add funds, convert, and refresh bot's deals.

Updated this week

All information about bots' active trades is available on the My Deals page:

New page with new interface and statistics can be found on the same My Deals page if you turn on the BETA testing mode on the Settings page:

This My Deals page has three main blocks:

1. Filters:

  • You can filter your active trades by choosing Account, Bot, and Pair.

  • Each of these filters can be applied solely or in combination with other filters.

  • You can also pick several Accounts, Bots or Pairs to adjust the filters more precisely.

  • You can clear all filters by clicking on the Clear button.

2. Trading statistics:

Remember - all information and stats in this block are affected by any applied filters from p.1! If you change the filters, the stats and information will also change! To see the entire statistics, you need to Clear all filters!

This block consists of 3 sections:

  1. Overall stats.

    This section includes the following information:

    • Today PnL - profit and losses taken from DCA Bot closed deals (resets to 0 at midnight UTC+0 each day).

    • PnL - total lifetime profit generated from all closed DCA Bot deals in terms of USD.

    • Reinvested - the amount from PnL added proportionally to all orders (Base and Safety orders).

    • Active deals - currently open deals your DCA bots are running.

    • Funds locked in DCA bot deals - the total amount of funds locked in active deals or on limit orders in the exchange order books for active DCA Bot deals.

    • uPnL of active Bot Deals - current total profit or loss for all active deals your DCA bots have open (applied filters affect this parameter).

  2. Completed deals profit.

    This section displays the total lifetime PnL (Profit and Loss) in currencies that were set as a profit currency. For example, if you traded ADA/USDT and set the profit in Base currency, ADA, then in this section, you will see how much ADA you have gained (or lost).

  3. Balances.

    Here you will see all the QUOTE currencies used in your active trades.

    Reserved represents the amount of funds that are locked in the limit orders.
    Available speaks for itself - it shows the available amount of QUOTE currency.

3. Active deals block:

First of all, please pay attention that there are 4 blue parts of the active deal that you can click on, and the information will appear.

Here they are:

a. Name of the bot. By clicking on it, a page with information about this bot will open. Learn more in this article.

b. Trading pair. By clicking on it, the TradingView chart will open. There you can see the executed and placed orders and Average entry price:

c. Exchange. By clicking on it, a new tab with the information about this exchange will open.

d. Deal ID. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a page where you will see Opening order (Base) in Trades section, all Safety and Take Profit orders in Orders section, and all deal's logs in the Bot events section.

This information will be needed if you will ever raise with support a question about your DCA bot's trade:

Action buttons

Please remember!

Depending on the Deal start or Deal close condition, some action buttons may be unavailable!

1. Cancel.

This button removes all orders for this trade on the exchange and the bot stops working on it. The purchased coins will remain on the exchange, and the service will no longer take any action using them. Among executed trades, this trade will be displayed without calculated profit / loss with the status "Cancelled".

2. Close at market price.

By clicking on this button, it will sell all purchased coins at the market price and the deal gets closed. The profit/loss is calculated and the trade is completed.

3. Reverse bot.

This button allows you to change the bot from Long to Short or vice versa. At the moment, we continue analyzing different mechanics of this switching action, so please always check and adjust the bot settings when clicking this button.

*This button may not be available for bots with Take profit Conditions.

Please note!

This mechanism can work well on a Spot account, but be careful with the "Reverse bot" button if you are trading on a Futures account.

When bots are switched on a Spot account (e.g., from Long to Short), the initial bot is stopped, and the purchased assets are used in the opposite direction in a new bot's configuration.

If you Reverse the Futures bot and the bot's Long trade is not profitable, it will close at a loss. A profitable Short bot trade closed with a profit can stabilize the situation and hopefully bring profit. So, you need to check “both sides of the coin” to see if you are making a profit or loss on the trade.

4. Edit.


This feature may not be available for bots with Take profit custom conditions.

If you need to edit such a trade, you need to cancel this trade, click on SmartTrade convert button and adjust the settings in the created SmartTrade:

Please remember that unexecuted Safety orders will not be moved to a SmartTrade; you will need to add them manually if needed.

This button allows you to edit some settings of the deal, such as adjusting Safety orders, Take profit parameters (profit currency, calculation type, TP %, adding/reducing Take profit stepsm, Enabling/disabling stop loss and adjusting its values, and other settings:

5. Add Funds.

This button allows you to smooth out the consequences of an unsuccessful trade entry or if you want to add an extra Safety Order. For example, you buy BTC at $30,000, but suddenly the price drops to $28,000. By clicking the Save button, you can create a manual Safety order to help average the selling price of BTC to $29.000, this means that the price doesn't need to recover as much to hit your initial Take Profit target.

6. Smart Trade convert.


This feature may not be available for bots with Take profit custom conditions.

If you need to convert the trade into the SmartTrade, you need to cancel this trade and click on SmartTrade convert button:

Please remember that unexecuted Safety orders will not be moved to a SmartTrade; you will need to add them manually if needed.

This button cancels the trade and creates a Smart Trade with the same exact parameters DCA bot's trade previously had, including Average entry price, Take profit or Stop Loss values, trade size.

However, safety orders are not copied, so if you have them, you will need to manually add them with the SmartTrade Add Funds feature.
This can also be very useful if you can't edit the trade and want to add more Take profit targets to this trade.

Pay attention!

DCA Take Profit % and SmartTrade Take Profit % may be different due to little differences in the take profit calculation.

7. Refresh.

This button will update with the trade's current information.

Completed trades.

Completed trades are displayed on the History page. Below is an example of how this page looks like:

Here, you will see all inactive trades - Completed, Closed by market price, Canceled, or Failed.

You can adjust the filters to display needed trades.

Also, here you can see the Overall stats in $ and Completed deals profit in Profit currencies.

You can also click on the deal ID to see the logs and other information about the deal.

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