Please note - the actions below will not cancel any time left on your current/active subscription, just the recurring payment element!


The recurring payment option only turns on after payment with a bank card via Paddle or PayPal.

Find the "Subscribe history" section

Scroll down on the Subscription page until you see it:

Cancel the recurrent payment option

You don't need to cancel subscriptions with an end date.
If you don't see "Recurrent subscription," 3Commas won't charge you after the current subscription expires.

Scroll on small screens

If you don't see actions, scroll the table horizontally.

If there is no 🚫 button displayed, then this means that the recurring payment is not enabled and you won't be charged for the next subscription.

After that, you can either stay on the Free plan or purchase another subscription whenever you want.

Here are a couple of articles about purchasing the subscription:

How to subscribe to 3Commas

How to pay with cryptocurrency

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