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How To Create API keys
Bybit Spot and Derivatives: how to create API keys
Bybit Spot and Derivatives: how to create API keys
Connect Bybit to 3Commas, both SPOT and/or Futures.
Updated over a week ago

Bybit now offers their users to upgrade to the
Unified Margin Account!

If you have migrated to the Unified Margin Account, please head to this article:

Here is how to connect the Main account not migrated to
Unified Margin Account

1. Go to Bybit

Log in or create a new account at

2. Open the API dashboard

Hover over the profile icon on the top right corner, then click API:

3. Click Create New Key

Note! You must enable 2FA to be able to add API keys.

If you see this dialog, click Confirm:

Click Settings and follow Bybit's instructions to enable 2FA:

4. Choose the System-genetated API Keys

5. Change to Connect to Third-Party Applications and choose 3Commas

6. Select permissions and click Submit

Now it depends on what market you want to trade on.

If you want to trade on both SPOT and Futures (USDT and Invers.), you need to select Read-Write option, Orders and Positions in the Contract section, and Trade in the SPOT section:

Don't change other settings.

If you want to trade only on SPOT or Futures, you must choose only permissions from the related section.

7. Enter 2FA code, then click Confirm

8. Copy API Key and API Secret somewhere safe, or don't close this window

Click on Understood after copy-pasting the API keys.

9. That's it! Now you can connect the exchange to 3Commas using created API keys with the help of this article:

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