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Possible exchange connection errors and how to fix them
Possible exchange connection errors and how to fix them

Check possible reasons when you can't add exchanges API.

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Possible errors that may appear during connecting or trading on the connected exchanges:

API key is invalid

API keys are no longer valid or incorrect

There is a problem with the connection. Please update your API connection.

Not enough permissions for API keys

All or some of the permissions are not enabled when creating API keys. Please head to the Connecting Exchanges & API Issues collection and check if you enabled all the needed permissions. Then update your API connection.

Failed to generate API keys.

Please visit the API Management page on the Binance website.

Binance introduced a requirement that the first new API key created after 7th August 2023 on your account, will require you to visit and accept a user agreement displayed on the API Management page.

Please accept the agreement and then link your account to 3Commas again.

This account is already connected

The exchange account that you are trying to connect is already connected to 3Commas. You can connect the same exchange account only once.

Trading suspended

Exchange account is banned

Your account has been disabled from using the API

There may be a few reasons for this:

  • Trading is temporarily suspended if there is some temporary maintenance on the exchange side.

  • Trading can be banned by exchange for your country or region.

  • Your account may be banned for suspicious activity. Our internal tools could detect it.

  • You need to pass KYC on the exchange.

  • If there is an issue with the API key (less likely; try to update the API connection).

Please head to your exchange account and check if it is suspended for some reason. Also, you may need to contact the exchange's support.

Other issues

If the conditions above are not applicable to your situation, please head to our status page to check if there is a general issue with API connection.

General information about API connection issues

Use the Fast Connect feature to update the API connection

If the exchange supports Fast Connect feature (Binance, OKX), update the API connection with it! Delete the old API keys on your exchange, and update the connection using Fast Connect (Reconnect) feature.
Here is an example of updating the Binance connection with Fast Connect.

Ensure exchange is available on 3Commas (just in case)

Disable website translation

It often tries to translate API keys. Even one additional space makes keys invalid.

Use IP binding, whitelist, or restricted access everywhere it's required

Please make sure to input all the IP addresses that are shown on the exchange connecting window, which looks like this:

Select required permissions

When you create or edit API keys, you can choose what the key allows.
It varies across different exchanges, so it is better to check what permissions to enable on your exchange.

Copy keys fully and without extra characters

If the exchange provides a copy button near keys, use it.
Paste keys to a text editor, then compare with keys you see on the exchange. If they're different, select it more carefully or with a double click. 


In aim to not lose your current history and active deals and bots, please update EXISTING connection, and don't create a new one:

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