"API keys are no longer valid or incorrect" is the most frequent error when you can't connect the exchange account. It's not possible to get the exact reason: exchanges don't tell it to prevent security breaches.

Ensure exchange is available on 3Commas

Similar names often represent different platforms.
Huobi Global and Huobi US, BitMEX and BitMAX, they all are different exchanges.
Check available exchanges here.

Disable website translation

It often tries to translate API keys. Even one additional space makes keys invalid.

Don't use IP binding, whitelist, restricted access

If you enable it, you should add all IPs our servers use. Exchanges don't accept this list as too long. Please don't use this feature.

Select required permissions

When you create or edit API keys, you can choose what the key allows.
It varies across different exchanges, better to check what permissions to enable on your exchange.

Copy keys fully and without extra characters

If the exchange provides a copy button near keys, use it.
Paste keys to a text editor then compare with keys you see on the exchange. If they're different, try to select it more carefully or with a double click. 

In aim to not lose your current history and active deals and bots, please use Edit button:

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