Bitstamp: how to create API keys

Connect Bitstamp to 3Commas.

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1. Go to Bitstamp

Log in or create a new account on

2. Open the Settings page

Click on the account icon on the top right corner and choose Settings:

3. Follow to the API management page

On the left side menu choose API access:

4. Click on the New API Key button

If you're creating the first API key on Bitstamp, skip this.

5. Enable Advanced settings and enter the IP whitelist addresses

To find updated IP addresses, go to the connecting Bitstamp exchange page and take the IP addresses from there:

Copy and paste them one by one into the IP address filter field:

6. Select permissions

Enable the permissions as on the screenshot below and click on the Create new API key button:

7. Enter the 2FA code and click Confirm

8. Copy API key and API Secret somewhere safe and click on the Activate button

9. Finish the activation process with the email sent to you

10. Connect them to 3Commas

To connect the Bitstamp account to 3Commas, please follow the steps from the article below:

11. Please keep in mind that you will need to enter the Customer (User/Client) ID along with API keys:

This ID you can find on the Bitstamp's Change Password page:

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