Whenever you want to connect another exchange account, go to My Exchanges.

  • In the left website menu
  • In the user menu

Connect the exchange API

Select the exchange you want to connect

If you don't see the exchange name on the form, we don't support it.
Check available exchanges.

Choose a name

Make it clear so you can recognize the exchange account. 3Commas uses it everywhere: on the trading terminal, bots, statistic, history.

Put API Key and API Secret

Don't use the same API on multiple services as it breaks things.
Here's how to create API on your exchange.


Don't see it on the form? Your exchange doesn't use it, skip this section.

You create the passphrase whenever you make a new API. It's not your login password nor trading password. It's unique for every API key.
Check articles to find more.

Customer ID

Don't see it? Skip this too.

It refers to your account on the exchange.
Check articles to find more.


Click the connect button. You'll see the exchange statistic page when it connects. 

Have any issues? Check possible ways to fix.

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